Office Feng Shui is Good Business

Office Feng Shui is important - most people think that business is just work, and it doesn’t matter what’s in the space around as long as the job gets done. Maybe you toss a few coins in a jar on your desk to remind yourself that you want to be prosperous.

What if you learned that awareness of your workspace could make you feel better, be more creative and even advance your career?

Feng Shui is the study of how the space around people affects their lives. We humans are creatures of habit and reveal much about ourselves through the condition of our immediate environment. Your home is the physical structure sheltering and protecting your body just as your physical frame is the “house” encasing your soul while you’re here on
Planet Earth.

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While it is most important to make sure that your home is supportive of your physical and spiritual well-being, conscious people are choosing to remember that they spend as many or more hours at work as they do where they live.

Whether you spend your working hours in an office, retail building or in a home office, be aware that the atmosphere impacts your productivity and influences business results. When you “feel good”, you perform with focus and enthusiasm. Feeling good at work is the blending of many factors including physical health, mental clarity, harmonious relationships and supportive surroundings.

A lackluster environment does not stimulate creativity, cluttered workspaces contribute to mental confusion, and unsafe conditions add up to an emotionally draining workday. Feng Shui focuses on supportive ways to enhance your experience on the job.

Here are few ideas for apply simple but important Office Feng Shui techniques to improve your work surroundings........

First, Check your Intention

If you enjoy your work, success follows naturally. Make changes in your surroundings that support your happiness. Simply clearing the clutter from your workspace is the beginning. You know what to do – remove unnecessary items, file or discard old papers and clean the furniture. Then bring in beautiful pictures, a couple of photos that make you smile and a green, healthy plant. I consulted with a doctor and office manager who wanted to ensure that their waiting area and patient room made their clients feel welcome and comfortable. Good intentions paved the way for a soothing, stress-free environment, and their patients feel the positive changes.

The Very Important Command Positioning

A basic office Feng Shui checklist includes reviewing the position of your office desk and chair. Make sure that your desk and chair are placed in the command position, facing the door. Anyone sitting with their back to the door, might feel aware of a draining “hit” to the nervous system, caused by someone walking up from behind. If it’s impossible to face the door as it is in some cubicle set-ups, place a mirror over your computer or desk so that you can see who’s entering the room.

Invite Creative Energy into your Office Decorating

Hanging a 40 mm crystal from the ceiling in the center of the room regulates the energy flow. Always check the entrance to the building, office or workspace as its appearance gives visitors that important “first impression” of your business. Keep the entrance clean and safe. Decorate with beautiful plants or sculptures on either side of the door. When you remember that your surroundings are the outward display of your personal and business health, you will focus on what matters most – your own happiness! Everyone will benefit.

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    The Importance of Good Office Feng Shui in Your Business

  • Feng Shui uses arrangement and placement to balance the Energy of an environment
  • Your business development, growth and success can be enhanced through attention to your workplace surroundings
  • Your business environment sends a powerful message to clients, vendors and employees, both positive and negative
  • Office Feng Shui techniques can help your business function efficiently, improve job satisfaction, support good working relationships and provide a stress-free environment
  • Business Leadership

  • Your leadership style and direction set the pace and tone for a supportive business environment
  • Productivity and profitability are linked to engaged employees, cooperative vendors, and delighted clients
  • Improve the energy and efficiency of your home office, retail location, or corporate office suite by creating an overall atmosphere of safety, beauty and comfort to support clients, vendors, employees and yourself
  • Promote good Feng Shui in the Office for a Positive Workplace

  • Prepare for effective Office Feng Shui by clearing all clutter! Everyone is less stressed and thinks more clearly when surroundings are well-organized and clean
  • Be aware that clients make snap decisions on your business by its "look and feel"
  • Ensure that outside signs are unobstructed, and that the lettering is easy to read
  • Give special attention to the entrance of your workplace, where good energy must be invited in for the business to thrive
  • The front door and office doors should open easily and have nothing stored behind them
  • Attract Wealth into the business with healthy green plants, moving water and wind chimes
  • Locate your office in the Wealth Area of the building, if possible: far back left corner from the front entrance
  • Place your desk and employee desks in the command position of the room facing the door
  • Ensure that the overall "flow" of the workspace is efficient to encourage productivity
  • Remember that your workplace reflects you, as the leader so uplift your business and yourself with powerful, harmonious surroundings

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