by Cindy
(Camrose, AB Canada)

I have been doing some reading on Feng Shui and would like to share an experience I had. First off, I should ask you if this story relates to fung shui or was it just a coincidence?

I had been going through a rough time and was receiving unemployment income. I had a 6 month period to secure a job before I was no longer eligible for unemployment. Time was running out and I still hadn't even got so much as a phone call.

One day I was sitting at my kitchen table and noticed that a clock I had on the wall was on the opposite side of the wall from a mirror. Therefore, the time was bouncing off the mirror.

My friends thought I was crazy but I took down the mirror right away and believe it or not I got three phone calls and one job offer. WOW! Was this too good to be true, a coincidence or is this a true effect of feng shui.

I look forward to your response.


Cindy, I believe that what we hold in mind tends to manifest. Thoughts, words and actions are vibrational, and attract to us whatever we are focused on, so for me, there are no "coincidences".

Feng Shui is a tool that can be used to set up our surroundings so that intentions can become reality.

When the environment is free of clutter or reminders that keep the mind stuck in the past or locked in unhappiness, then a clean slate has been put in place to encourage harmony and balance to flow.

A balanced environment encourages the body and mind to relax so that thoughts take on a different focus.

By consciously removing a distraction that had meaning for you, it appears that the stage was set for attracting your desired outcome.

Great story! Thank you for submitting it, and I know that our visitors will enjoy reading about your very interesting Mirrors experience.

James Allen

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