Living Feng Shui?

by Elizabeth
(Jenks, Oklahoma)

I just recently began clearing clutter and setting up things in my house and entry for prosperity. I was looking for a turtle to set at the entrance of my home. I was frustrated because I had not found one that I liked.

Later that evening when I was on my porch sweeping cobwebs and washing the glass door, in crawls a turtle that a neighbor's daughter had found in the middle of the street while we were all out in the car. She made us stop and pick him up but wouldn't let her keep him so I took him and let him go in my yard.

He has been out there for about four years now. I hardly saw him until recently when I began cleaning up. I call him Boxtur and he eats the cat food that I leave out on my back porch for the ferral cat that lives out there. I will not now look for a turtle because I have a live one that circles my house.

I thought that took care of the problem. Now I set myself to finding a frog. Same thing, I am on the same porch clearing off twigs for winter fires and restacking the woodpile so I can wash off the patio when out hops a black frog. I guess I don't need a frog either!

James Allen's Reply: Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your personal Feng Shui "Cures" with Feng-Shui-Vibes site visitors. You have given us all an important reminder that Feng Shui Cures can be found in living beings, including animals and plants.

Animals represent The Feng Shui Fire Element, and your turtle and frog bring good Chi to you, your family and home.

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