Last Possible Minute Feng Shui

by Melody Macaluso
(Mooresville, NC, USA)

We had a home in Arizona that we were purchasing but our job situation changed and we were unable to continue with the purchase agreement and needed to sell quick before we lost the house.

We listed the home, did all the necessary clearing of junk and repairs plus repainted and began showing the house, all to no avail. The home would be returned to the lender in 15 days and I then decided that I would apply Feng Shui to the house even though I did not at that time know very much.

I looked up information and in the South East placed prosperity symbols and water and then went through the entire house doing a space clearing ceremony and just making sure there was zero clutter. I thought NOW there is only 11 days left and I am sure there is no way that this will be possible in the natural realm but perhaps with additional help this way it might.

The next day we had a showing and the man who looked made an offer for the full price AND he could close in 10 days because he already had his financing arranged! It was a "miracle". We then found another place to move and all went through like clockwork.

He said he liked how the house "felt" right when he walked in. I can only believe that the "feeling" was because of Feng Shui...

Melody, thank you for telling us your story about the effectiveness of applying Feng Shui prosperity cures to your home, resulting in a timely sale! You followed through with action on your intention and created a "miraculous" sale.

As you know, clearing clutter releases any attachments you have to the past. The space clearing ceremeony sealed your intention to sell, and opened up the space for new energy, your buyer.

You're right, Feng Shui is about creating a "feeling" within an area. Thank you for submitting your Feng Shui real estate sales success story.

In Gratitude,
James Allen

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