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The Five Elements of Feng Shui

The Five Elements of Feng Shui are The Basic Building Blocks of Nature in the Environment......

Here are a few pointers you can use when balancing the Feng Shui Elements energies:

  • Identify & Evaluate The 5 Elements Energies, Yin & Yang energies, and Chi Flow in your surroundings. Combined with mapping Your Life Areas with the Bagua Map tool, this approach results in creating Balanced surroundings
  • Each is related to specific Colors and Shapes
  • Balance is very important to creating spaces that are supportive and "feel" right. Here on Earth, the Five Energies are part of all that exists, including people, places and objects

  • Too much of 1 can dominate the other 4, and too little of one or more can produce surroundings that are "off-balance".

    Usually, you can feel (maybe without even realizing it) when you are nervous, overly stimulated, or too lethargic to take action on important issues

  • When your home, work and play environments are not in alignment, balancing The 5 Elements Energies and their Yin & Yang counterparts can restore peace, calm and efficiency in your life

Feng Shui Cures for The Five Elements

The Feng Shui Five Elements

Feng Shui Earth Element

Earth: Adobe, Brick, Tile, Clay Pots, Yellow, Brown and Earth-Tones, Squares

The Earth Element

Feng Shui Fire Element

Fire: Lighting, Candles, Animals, Red Colors, Triangles

The Fire Element

Feng Shui Metal Element

Metal: Silver, Gold, Brass & Copper, White & Pastels, Circles and Arches

The Metal Element

Feng Shui Water Element

Water: Fountains, Glass, Mirrors, Black & Dark Tones, Asymmetrical and Free-flowing shapes

The Water Element

Feng Shui Wood Element

Wood: Furniture, Plants, Green and Blue, Columns including upright rectangles that look like tree trunks

The Wood Element

For an example, of how to balance The 5 Elements, see Feng Shui Kitchen Tips for an easy elemental analysis

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips.......

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