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Feng Shui Summer Travel News
June 01, 2008

Hello Feng Shui Friends!

June is the first travel month of the Summer. This year, you might consider adding new Feng Shui experiences to your vacation plans:

If you're visiting San Francisco, consider taking a Feng Shui Walking Tour in Chinatown, Walk a Labyrinth, or visit one of the harmonious Chinese Gardens in the United States or Canada.

For outdoor spaces that move good chi, you might enjoy visiting one of the many Labyrinths that can be found throughout the United States.

Feng Shui Travel News

Feng Shui Garden Design employs the Bagua Map as a template with the ultimate goal of creating a harmonious and yet stimulating environment. Chinese Gardens focus on presenting a combination of the Elements and Yin & Yang to create a balanced setting.

Visit our new webpage for a list of Chinese Gardens in the United States and Canada:

Notice the two new Chinese Gardens under construction in the U.S. with more Chinese Gardens planned around the country

For Chinese Gardens in Canada & the U.S.........

Before you leave on your trip, it is a good idea to cleanse your car with a Fragrance Cure to ensure an enjoyable, productive drive. We like to burn incense or sage in our hotel rooms to clear the energy of previous occupants, and to give ourselves a fresh, cleansed environment for our stay.

By the way, it really helps to have your garage in clutter-free condition before your leave on your trip. Your garage is the last contact that you have with your home before venturing out into the wide world. As a bonus, you will feel appreciative when you return home to a clean "car room".

Unique Feng Shui Shop offers Fragrance Cures for your summer travel

Visit our June Feng Shui Products page for Fragrance Cures and the New Dzi Beads, known as "Heaven's Eyes".

For our featured June Products.......

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