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Feng Shui Red Hot Summer Time in July!
July 01, 2008
Hello Feng Shui Friends!

Reds are the Feng Shui Colors of The Fire Element, The Fame & Reputation Gua, The South Direction, and the Summer Season. During July, the Summer Month, we are influenced by the fiery energy of the Sun, The Yang Energy of The Fouth of July Holiday, and the Red Colors associated with the seasonal heat.

Visit Feng-Shui-Vibes new web page on Feng Shui Colors, to learn how colors relate to The Bagua Map, The Five Elements, Yin & Yang Energies. Begin applying Feng Shui Colors to your home and business spaces to energize your surroundings.

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To celebrate Summer, all Featured Products for the month of July are Red, and represent the Summer's Fire Element!

We found Red and Fire Element Feng Shui Products at Unique Feng Shui Shop, offering everyday flat rate shipping prices:

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For your Summer Feng Shui reading, we recommend Anna Maria Prezio's new book,

Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster
A new Feng Shui book from Anna Maria Prezio

Dark, damp, cluttered and stagnant Chi-Flow spaces are Yin Energy that ghosts find attractive - while light, airy, clean spaces are Yang Energy in nature and repel ghosts.

Feng Shui Consultant, and President of The Midwest International Feng Shui Guild, Denise Osborne, has written a series of Feng Shui mysteries that you can enjoy reading by the pool or on your summer vacation trip.

Visit our Feng shui Mysteries page for fun and informative Summer-time reading

We are building a Directory of Feng Shui Consultants by state. If you are a Feng Shui Consultant, or have a favorite Feng Shui Consultant to add to The Feng Shui Vibes Consultant Directory, please visit our new page:

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Feng Shui Blessings,

James Allen - Boulder, Colorado, 303-668-8989

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