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Feng Shui in August - Focus is on The Fire Element, The Fame & Recognition Gua and The Color Red
August 02, 2008
Hello Feng Shui Friends!

August is the last full month of Summer Fire and Sun Energy. Don't let the "dog days" of Summer get you down. Re-invent yourself with the dynamic energy available during this hot, Leo month.

Of the Feng Shui Five Elements, The Fire Element represents spicy, fiery energy that stimulates the creativity and vibrancy in Life.

The Feng Shui Fire Element.......

As The Fire Element is the dominating Element of The Fame & Recognition Gua, located in the upper center square of The Feng Shui Bagua Map, it pays to update and improve this area of your home & office at this time.

The Fame & Recognition Gua.......

The dominant color of The Fame & Recognition Gua is Red, the color that feeds our sense of energy and passion. Look to see where you can place Red objects in areas of your rooms, home, office and gardens to energize what it is that you wish to be known for in Life. A little of the strong Fire Energy of the color Red goes a long way, so add it to your surroundings sparingly and mostly as accent pieces.

The Fame & Recognition Gua should be activated around how you desire to be seen in your community, career, job, family and with friends. Think about your passions and talents, and then place reminders in your surroundings that help you keep your focus on your own brand of personal power!

We found wonderful Fame & Recognition Gua and Fire Element Feng Shui Products at Unique Feng Shui Shop, a creative supplier of unusual Feng Shui products.

The Feng Shui Phoenix

The Phoenix was the ancient sacred Firebird of Phoenician mythology that lived for 1,000 years. After running its life course, The Phoenix would build a nest of cinnamon twigs and then set the nest and itself on fire. Burning fiercely into ashes, the beautiful Firebird, rose again as a new Phoenix bird, and the 1,000 year cycle began again with new energy and purpose.

Feng Shui Light & Illimination Cures are powerful cures that are of Yang Energy and The Feng Shui Fire Element.

Visit our new web page for ideas on how to apply the powerful Light Cures.

Feng Shui Light Cures.......

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Feng Shui Blessings,

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