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Feng Shui Holidays - Yin, Yang & Stocking Stuffers with Vibes!
December 10, 2008
Hello Feng Shui Friends!

December is the month of celebration for many cultures around the world. This is the time when we experience the gift of our 5 human senses with the smells, sights, sounds, feel and tastes of the Holiday Season. Immerse yourself in the beauty of each delightful experience that we came here to enjoy!

When setting up your home or office for The Holidays, think about how to bring the wonderful balance of Feng Shui Yin & Yang and The 5 Elements into your surroundings. With so many decorations on sale early this year, you can create an inexpensive theme that will delight your family, guests, cleints, customers and bring joy to you as you watch them light up with appreciation

Visit our Feng Shui Holidays page for ideas on how to bring in and balance your Holiday decoration with Feng Shui Yin, Yang and The 5 Elements. Appeal to all 5 Senses by setting up your Holiday Stage with a mixture of love and whimsy. Remember Goldilocks - not too much, not too little, and just right!

Feng Shui Holidays

Feng Shui Stocking Stuffers

For unusual and creative Feng Shui Stocking Stuffers, consider Feng Shui Mirrors from online Feng Shui product supplier, Unique Feng Shui Shop. We enjoy the great customer service and fixed shipping rates.

Feng Shui Vibes' Feng Shui Mirror Placement page gets more visitors than another other page on our website. We've noticed that people are interested in what type of mirror to place for attracting and absorbing Good Chi Energy into a particular spot in their home or office. Others are interested in how to repel Negative Chi Energy using a convex mirror.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Feng Shui Gifts under $10.00

And, everyone loves to receive Holiday Gifts to activate Wealth & Income. Old Chinese Coins make great Gifts for the Office, colleagues, customers and clients.

The 9 Coins with Red Ribbon are placed under the Front Doormat to invite money to come inside. The Coin Box is placed underneath the bed as a Symbol of Wealth & Income. For people in business, these special 3 coins can be placed with the red envelope taped under the computer at work, or taped onto the cash register to bring in money flow.
Available from Unique Feng Shui Shop

See Feng Shui Gifts for under $10
$10-20, $20-30 and $30-40

Feng Shui Holidays

Beautiful Spiritual Jewelry

We are delighted to be an affiliate for KA Jewelry designs Sacred Symbols for Healing, Self-Balance, and Unity. Jewelry designer, David Weitzman, has created design lines of Sacred Geometry, Kabbalah, Enneagram, Tree of Life and more.

Visit the site, and select a lovely piece for yourself or as a Holiday Gift for a friend. Pictured here are The Peace Angel Key, The Gold Gordian Dragon Knot and The Labyrinth.

Feng Shui Holidays

Self Healing Expressions eCourses

Give your family and friends the wonderful gift of inexpensive Feng Shui, Romance & Personal Development courses. Delivered to the email inbox of your choice!

We reviewed an online e-Course from Self-Healing Expressions, an excellent overview of Feng Shui and how it works with The Law of Attraction - and at $34.95, it's very inexpensive. You will receive the e-Course in your email in-box to be delivered daily, weekly or monthly per your selection. Other e-Courses available from Self-Healing Expressions are Healing with Feng Shui & Color and Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate.

Click here for information on the new e-Courses: Feng Shui Holidays

Feng Shui Real Estate Agent Directory

We are planning to build a Directory of Feng Shui Real Estate Agents. If you are a Feng Shui saavy real estate agent, or know of a real estate agent who practices Feng Shui and would like to be included in our free directory, please let us know.

We look forward to receiving your submission. Please let us know about a Good Feng Shui Consultant in your area. Our site visitors will thank you.

Feng Shui - Your Stories

If you have a Feng Shui Story to tell that will benefit Feng Shui Vibes site visitors, please check the categories for submission on our new Visitors Page, Your Stories.......

Feng Shui Vibes Visitors, Click Here

The next 2 submitted Feng Shui Stories that are approved for posting will win an autographed copy of Holly Ziegler's book, "Sell Your Home Faster with Feng Shui". Be sure and let us know your email address or telephone number so that we can contact your for your mailing address if your story is added to our site. Don't be shy, as your Feng Shui Story can benefit someone else.

We have enjoyed the Feng Shui Stories submitted by Cindy, Melody, Carla and Elizabeth.

New Feng Shui Vibes Site Map

We have created a new Visitors Page that includes our Site Map for an easy way to look up specific pages and topics:

New Feng Shui Vibes Site Map.

Please forward our email to your friends!

Feng Shui and Happy Holidays Blessings,

James Allen - Destin, Florida, 303-668-8989

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