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Feng Shui for October - The Feng Shui Tune-Up - An Autumn Space Clearing and a Happy Halloween!
October 04, 2008
Hello Feng Shui Friends!

Since October is the first full month of Autumn, it's time to clear personal living areas of the Yang Energy of Summer. In the Spring time, we recommend a Space Clearing to cleanse spaces of stagnant, Yin Energy that accummulates during the Winter months.

Then in the Fall, we perform a space clearing to ensure that our personal spaces are energetically nourishing for the months when more time is spent indoors.

For step-by-step instructions on how to perform a Space Clearing Ritual, visit online Feng Shui product supplier, Unique Feng Shui Shop. We enjoy the great customer service and fixed shipping rates.

We have the Water Dragon Ritual highlighted on on our new October Products page, If you can't find the time to perform a complete ritual, at least consider lighting a bundle of smudge.

As you move about the space with the smudge, say your intentions aloud to strengthened your desire to release old energy, and prepare for the upcoming Yin Energy of Winter.

New Feng Shui October Feng Shui Products Page

New Feng Shui Living Cures Page

Often overlooked is the powerful Feng Shui Cure that consciously brings Living Beings into our surroundings as an intentional Cure.

Plants, animals and people are Feng Shui Fire Element energy. The Living Being Cure brings vibrancy and nourishment into our lives.

Feng Shui Living Cures........

Beautiful Spiritual Jewelry

We are delighted to be an affiliate for KA Kewelry designs Sacred Symbols for Healing, Self-Balance, and Unity. The jewelry is made in Israel, and the design lines are Sacred Geometry, Jewish, Merkaba, Tree of Life and more. Visit the site, and select a lovely piece for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

Make a Difference Program for Children, Students, Employees and Business Partners

We have been signed as affiliate to the Make a Difference Program, promoting the self-esteem and well-being and success of our children and teenagers. Please see the inspirational books, movies, and Blue-Ribbon appreciation that will help us all connect in positivity.

When two or more people come together in the spirit of harmony's like putting LIGHTNING in a Bottle!

Feng Shui Consultant Directory

We are building a Directory of Feng Shui Consultants by state. If you are a Feng Shui Consultant, or have a favorite Feng Shui Consultant to add to The Feng Shui Vibes Consultant Directory, please visit our new page......:

Feng Shui Consultant Directory.......

We look forward to receiving your submission. Please let us know about a Good Feng Shui Consultant in your area. Our site visitors will thank you.

Feng Shui - Your Stories

If you have a Feng Shui Story to tell that will benefit Feng Shui Vibes site visitors, please check the categories for submission on our new Visitors Page, Your Stories.......

Feng Shui Vibes Visitors.......

The next 3 submitted Feng Shui Stories that are approved for posting will win an autographed copy of Holly Ziegler's book, "Sell Your Home Faster with Feng Shui".

Be sure and let us know your email address or telephone number so that we can contact your for your mailing address if your story is added to our site. Don't be shy, as your Feng Shui Story can benefit someone else.

Remember, Your Feng Shui Questions for
Feng-Shui-Vibes Blog

Please contact me if you have Feng Shui questions by typing your request in the contact form on the Feng Shui Tips page.

I will place your question and my answer on our Feng-Shui-Vibes Blog Page.

Feng Shui Vibes Blog Questions.......

Feng Shui Blessings,

James Allen - Destin, Florida, 303-668-8989

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