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Feng Shui New Year 2009 and The Chinese New Year of the Ox
January 15, 2009
Hello Feng Shui Friends!

We have 2 New Years to celebrate in January this year. Besides starting our traditional calendar year with dedication to new beginnings, The Chinese New Year observance opens on January 26.

This year is The Year of the Ox. Those born in 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 or 2009 are Ox People. Characteristics of people born in an Ox Year are patience, loyalty, self-confidence, strong leadership skills - and yes, sometimes subborness.

The Ox has friends, and people compatible with The Ox are born in the years of The Snake and The Rooster. For more on The Chinese New Year, click here to visit our new website page,

Year of The Ox

Your Feng Shui New Treasure Map

The beginning a new phase such as The New Year is an excellent time to create your own personal Feng Shui Treasure Map. Similar to a Vision Board, The Feng Shui Treasure Map uses visual images placed on a flat surface, such as a poster board or even your refrigerator.

The Treasure Map pictures and photos are reinforced by placing tangible items in your surroundings to remind the conscious and subconscious mind to focus on manifestation of your goals.

The Feng Shui Treasure Map can be a powerful way to assist in creating your Heart's Desire! Click here to see our new website page,

Feng Shui Treasure Map

Feng Shui - Your Stories

If you have a Feng Shui Story to tell that will benefit Feng Shui Vibes site visitors, please check the categories for submission on our new Visitors Page

Your Feng Shui Stories

When your submission is accepted, you can tell your friends to read your Feng Shui Story on Feng Shui Vibes. You just may be helping another visitor learn more about the importance of the magic that Feng Shui can bring into everyone's surroundings!

Please foward this email to your friends!

Feng Shui and Happy New Year Blessings,
James Allen
Destin, Florida
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