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February Feng Shui for the Month of Love! Know "The Power of Two"
February 07, 2009
Hello Feng Shui Friends!

February is the month to focus (or re-focus) your love life, and Feng Shui is the perfect practice for uplifting your commitment to building a new or existing relationship.

Your home tells the story of how your life is unfolding. A good Feng Shui Consultant looks for clues in your living spaces that reflect the individual and collective relationships of those who live there.

In Feng Shui, we know the importance of bringing balance to our everyday places. Clarity comes with surrounding harmony, and knowing your Heart's Desire is a key to attracting fulfillment of your dream.

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Feng Shui February 2009 - Love & Romance

Single women who would like a mate can check for places where displays of their independence might be affecting relationships. Paintings, photos, posters and small statues depicting 1 instead of 2, should be considered for replacement with "Couples" in your surroundings.

Clear out reminders of old lovers, create harmonious living spaces, and display anything that brings "The Power of Two" to light your Heart's Desire for a romantic relationship.

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Feng Shui and Happy Relationships Blessings,
James Allen
Destin, Florida
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