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2012 Chinese New Year of The Water Dragon
January 21, 2012
Hello Feng Shui Friends!

Chinese New Year 2012
Year of The Black Water Dragon

Chinese New Year 2012 features The Black Water Dragon, an auspicious time of experiencing the potential of your heart's desire.
The Dragon is the only Chinese astrology figure not represented by a real animal. As the color black is an attribute of The Feng Shui Water Element, The Black Water Dragon is characterized by strength and vitality.

Chinese New Year 2012
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The Gentle and Powerful Water Element

The Feng Shui Water Element represents wealth, and the direction of its flow is important. Ensure that all flowing water sources point in the direction of that which you desire to enrich. If you want to energize the money flow into your business, place your flowing fountain with the water stream pointing in the direction of your desk, office or business location.
Feng Shui Water Element for Wealth & Prosperity

Feng Shui Water Cures

Feng Shui Water Cures

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Many Feng Shui blessings to you, your family and friends in this auspicious Chinese Year of The Water Dragon

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Happy Chinese New Year 2012!
James Allen
Destin, Florida

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