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Valentine's Day 2012 and your Feng Shui Practice
February 07, 2012
Hello Feng Shui Friends!

Valentine's Day 2012
and your Feng Shui Practice

Valentine's Day 2012 is a time to reflect on relationships, especially relationships of love and marriage.
Feng Shui practitioners know that a central point of focus set up in the Love & Relationships Gua of your personal space will serve as a daily reminder of your love together.
The Love & Marriage altar can be set up in a corner of your master bedroom or special place within your home that is shared by just the two of you.
Place a beautiful cloth over a dresser top or small table, and place items on it that bring up memories of your loving experiences together. Anything that represents pairs is especially good - Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks, hearts, or photos of the 2 of you together.

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Feng Shui Love
A New Love or Fanning the Flame

The Feng Shui Fire Element represents passion and excitement, and including it in your surrounding is important to bringing in a new relationship or keeping an existing relationship alive and vibrant.
While your personal bedroom should be a quiet sanctuary, place some items of red or pink in specific locations, such as on a Love Altar to ensure that the passion in your relationship is foremost in your thoughts.

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Many Feng Shui blessings to you and your special love in this auspicious Chinese Year of The Water Dragon

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Happy Feng Shui Valentine's Day 2012!
James Allen
Okaloosa Island, Florida

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