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Feng Shui Summer 2010
July 15, 2010
Hello Feng Shui Friends!

Feng Shui Summer 2010

Feng Shui Summer 2010, and it's hot! The Feng Shui Fire Element is Yang Energy, and at it's peak is in mid-summer. The intensive energy can affect people, and be experienced as increased activity, or in others as overwhelm and irritability.

In order to soothe the extreme heat of summer, apply a Feng Shui cure using the controlling energy of the Feng Shui Water Element.

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Feng Shui Water Fountains

In other news, Click on the links below to visit our new Feng Shui Ceilings & Beams web page for more Feng Shui Cure Tips.

We are delighted to be affiliates of uniquefengshuishop, a U.S. based Feng Shui products supplier, with quality and unique Feng Shui items from China.

For inspiration, consider visiting the wonderful Chinese Gardens throughout the U.S. and Canada this summer. Many beautiful and well-designed gardens bring the cultivated Feng Shui feelings of peace, harmony and tranquility.

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Feng Shui Ceilings & Beams

Feng Shui Water Element

Feng Shui Water Element

Fast Feng Shui for Prosperity

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Feng Shui Landscape Tips

Feng Shui Landscaping Tips

Visit Chinese Gardens in the U.S. and Canada this Summer

Chinese Gardens

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Have a wonderful Feng Shui Summer!
James Allen
Destin, Florida
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