How to Begin
Your New Feng Shui Practice

Feng Shui is the practice of focusing on our surroundings to bring peace and harmony into our lives. It is not a religion, and began when the ancient Chinese observed that the environment was a large part of their quality of life.

In the Western world, we can employ placement techniques and applications in a way that fits our culture. The point is to proactively create spaces where we can be nurtured, grow and thrive.

The Basics
on The Art of Placement

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  • All of Life is Interrelated, Interactive, and Interdependent
  • Everything is Alive and Talks to Us
  • Everything is Always Changing
  • Emphasize Safety, Beauty and Comfort in Your Environment
  • Live with what You Love so Ask "Do I Love It or Use It?"

  • Balance Chi Flow, Yin & Yang and The Five Elements
  • Chi is the Life Force Energy that Flows throughout the Universe
  • Chi is always Striking a Balance between Yin & Yang, the two Primordial Forces
  • Yin & Yang are Extremes, but Complementary
  • Yin is the Female or Passive Energy - the receptive Earth
  • Yang is the Male or Aggressive Energy - the power of Heaven
  • And, Humans are most Comfortable with Balance

Feng Shui Yin Yang Symbol

Balancing Chi Flow, Yin & Yang,
and The Five Elements

The Basic Building Blocks of Nature in the Environment are represented in The Five Elements. Identify the elements in your surroundings to learn if your home or office is energetically balanced.

  • Wood: Wooden Furniture, Plants, Green and Blue, Column
  • Fire: Lighting, Candles, Animals, Humans, Red Colors, Triangles
  • Earth: Adobe, Brick, Tile, Yellow and Earth-Tones, Squares, Rectangles
  • Metal: All metals-Silver & Copper, White & Pastels, Circles, Arches
  • Water: Fountains, Glass, Mirrors, Black & Dark Tones, Asymmetrical and Free-flowing shapes

First Steps to Success!

  • Get clear on what you REALLY want to change - your intention will drive the Change process
  • Clean your Home and Office thoroughly to remove old energy
  • Start with the 8 aspects of The Life Journey shown on the Bagua Map: Career, Relationships, Wealth, Health, Self-Knowledge, Creativity, Fame and Helpful People/Travel - which of these areas are where you would like to see changes?
  • Locate the desired Area for Change on the Bagua Map:

The Bagua Map

  • Notice that many Life Areas overlap: e.g. Career/Fame/Wealth or Relationships/Fame/Creativity
  • Place "cures" in the Life Areas where you have identified your desired Change or Changes; remember to check for progress in 30 days.

Evaluate Chi Flow in your Rooms and Property

  • Remove Energy from Previous Occupants to begin a Practice that is customized for Yourself. Sage is very effective in clearing "Predecessor Energy"
  • A simple House (or Office) Blessing prepares your space for prosperous outcomes
  • A Must Do: Clear Clutter! Ask yourself: "Do I love it? Use It? What does it mean to me?"

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  • Focus on the Entrance to Your Home or Business to Welcome Good Chi to come inside
  • Place Furniture and Objects to enhance smooth Chi Flow
  • For Best use of this site, follow the navigation buttons (the pink buttons on the left-hand side of the Home Page) in sequential order so that you can easily begin "Your Own Feng Shui Practice"
  • Happiness and Prosperity are Waiting for You!

True Story

Please note that "Predecessor Energy" mentioned above can have a real impact on your well-being. Energy left over from those who used to inhabit your environment can linger and impact your well-being.

In my case, I had a candlestick holder that tended to sabotage my new relationships. It was given to me by a previous girlfriend. I was not aware of the influence of that candlestick holder until I studied Feng Shui - that's how subtle it can be.

So, I wagged the candlestick holder around with me as I moved from place to place, always keeping it on top of my bedroom dresser. Without realizing it, every time that I looked at it, I was reminded of my lost lover. New relationships didn't survive.

One day, I made the connection and gave that candlestick holder away to someone else who had no attachment to it.

The energy in my bedroom changed, and my new girlfriend became my wife!

The point is

Be sure to consider removing items that bring you down, or put you back into your past - unless the memories are important or serve to uplift your current situation.

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