Feng Shui YinYang Energies

Yin Yang Symbol

The Feng Shui YinYang energies are opposing, yet complementary to each other.

Everything in our Universe is composed of Yin the Feminine Energy, and Yang the Masculine Energy. Yin and Yang energies are constantly interacting with each other, seeking balance.

When working in balance, both of the opposites are aligned in
peace and harmony

A Feng Shui Practice includes the intention to balance Chi Flow, The 5 Elements and YinYang Energies.

Chi, the Life Force Energy, combines with

The Five Elements
Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water

and YinYang Energies to establish the energy within a space. Feng Shui is the practice of cultivating the habit of attracting harmony and balance into your surroundings.

Yin and Yang are powerful influences that you can identify and modify in your surroundings. When you understand the subtle interaction between these energies, you can make positive changes in your environment that will encourage balance and happiness to become your life style.

Some important points about Chi (Life Energy) Flow as it interacts with Yin & Yang

  • Chi is the Life Force Energy that Flows throughout the Universe

  • Chi is always Striking a Balance between Yin & Yang, the two Primordial Forces
  • Yin & Yang are Extremes, but Complementary
  • Yin is the Female or Passive Energy - the receptive Earth
  • Yang is the Male or Aggressive Energy - the power of Heaven
  • Chi strives to find a Balance between Yin and Yang
  • Humans are most Comfortable with Balance and even Energies

The YinYang Symbol
represents Perfect Balance

Observe that the Feng Shui YinYang Symbol looks like two tadpoles or fish inside a closed circle, showing the balance and dependency of the interacting energies.

Here are a few of the attributes of Yin Yang that can help you see their presence:

Feng Shui Yin Energy

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& The Five Elements

Feng Shui Yang Energy

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& The Five Elements

How to Identifying
Feng Shui YinYang Energies

Yin Yang Symbol

From the extreme of a dark Yin Energy, such as a dark, damp cave or basement to the extreme of very bright Yang Energy of a hospital operating room, you can learn to easily recognize how to bring Feng Shui YinYang balance to your surroundings.

Yin ........................ Yang

Feminine Masculine
House Interior Front of House
Earth Sky
Flat Land Rocky Mountains
Soft Hard
Passive Active
Small Large
Quiet Noisy
Dark Light
Round Pointed
Inward Outward
Dark Colors Bright Colors
Night Day
Cool Hot
Rounded Edges Sharp Corners
Low High
Asymetrical Symetrical
Damp or moist Dry
Stale and Dim Light and Airy
Obscure and Hidden Open and Expansive

Yin Yang Symbol

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& The Five Elements

Yin Yang Symbol

For more on Balancing Yang Energy
& The Five Elements

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