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Yin Yang Symbol

Feng Shui Yin is the soft Feminine Energy that is continually interacting with its counterpart, the Masculine Yang Energy.

Yin Energy is the Mother, Earth and energy of love, protection and comfort.

The Rose symbolizes Love and Protection
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We light a Rose Incense every morning in our home, and say a prayer for love, safety and protection of our property.

Combined with The Five Elements, the influence in your environment can be powerful. Chi, the Life Force energy that runs throughout everything in the universe, shows up in The Five Elements as either Yin or Yang.

If you find too much or too little of Feng Shui Yin Energy in your surroundings, an imbalance can occur that will require a correction to bringing the energy back into alignment.

Dark, damp, narrow or enclosed spaces can have too much Feng Shui Yin Energy, and can be balanced by applying Feng Shui Cures to bring light and expansion into the area.

Yin Energy and The 5 Elements

The Yin Earth Element

If you have a room that is too dark with predominantly brown or dark yellow colors, you may have an imbalance in energy that can feel closed, confined or oppressive. Consider adding The Wood Element in light green or Yang colors or floral prints, as Wood depletes Earth.

Enhance the addition of The Wood Element with items that represent The Water Element , such as an active, Yang table fountain.

The Yin Wood Element

Too much dark and soft wood in an area can an environment of indecision and lack of motivation. Balance this energy with The Metal Element , particularly items made of gold, silver, brass, copper and aluminum.

The Yin Water Element

Too much water can lead to a wishy-washy, uncertain nature. If your surroundings are watery or contain a predominant amount of dark blue or black colors, you can add The Fire Element to bring in balance.

We lived in an area in Atlanta where the back side of our home overlooked a beautiful, 60-acre subdivision lake that was naturally very Yin.

Bathrooms in a home come to mind as examples of Yin Water. Particularly if the bathroom is dark with little or no windows, or the tiles are black, the room is considered to be very "watery".

The Yin Metal Element

While most metal is considered Yang Energy , soft white gold or brushed copper, depending on their settings, could be examples of The Metal Element with Feng Shui Yin Energy . The Metal Element is represented by a circle, sphere or arch so if shapes contain soft material, The Yin Energy is present in the element.

After we moved from Florida to Boulder, Colorado, we noticed that the surrounding foothills that peak in the shape of triangles represent the Metal Element, but the foot hills are much lower in altitude than the Rocky Mountains behind them. Covered in dark earth, they appear as Yin Metal - especially from a distance.

The Yin Fire Element

The Fire Element is represented in the Fame Gua, and is thought of as Yang energy, in most cases. Soft red colors included in the triangular or pyramid shapes could be examples of The Feng Shui Yin Fire influence.

Feng Shui Yin Energy

True Story

When one partner is stronger than the other, an imbalance occur in their relationship, and can be reflected in their personal surroundings.

A few years ago, I had a couple we asked me for a Feng Shui consultation for their home. I was amazed to find that the lady of the house was so dominant that their environment was primarily her sole domain. She loved ducks - so her ducks were everywhere. There were duck statues, duck pillows and throw covers. Even the walls were decorated with duck wall paper in the kitchen.

Her husband was relegated to a small home office in the basement. His personal collection of football posters hung along the walls of the basement stairway. He had no other presence in the house for his hobbies or personal interests.

When the three of us spoke during the consultation, I pointed out that there seemed to be an imbalance of too much feminine Yin Energy that wasn't balanced with masculine Yang Energy.

Both became emotional as they realized that there was some Yin and Yang balancing work that needed to be addressed in their relationship.

The point is

Your surroundings reflect who you have become. A good Feng Shui consultant (or keen observer for that matter) can detect imbalances that you might not be aware of, but show up in your environment.

Take an honest look at where you live and work. Do you have a good balance in areas that you share with others?

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