Feng Shui Yang Energy

Yin Yang Symbol

Feng Shui Yang Energy is the Masculine Energy that is continually interacting with its counterpart, the Feminine Yin Energy. Combined with The Five Elements, the influence in your surroundings can be an important consideration.

Chi, the Life Force Energy that runs throughout everything in the universe, shows up in The Five Elements as either Yin or Yang.

The Yang Running Horses of Success and Fame
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Horses represent YANG Energy, and Running Horses have always been a strong and important Feng Shui symbol of power, aggression and perseverance. If you find too much Feng Shui Yang Energy in your surroundings, you may experience nervousness or feelings of agitation.

Learn to balance The Yin and Yang energies through identifying them in The Five Elements found in your environment.

Yang Energy
and The 5 Elements

The Yang Earth Element

Bright red brick or red rocks might be considered as having Yang properties.

Many of the surrounding foothills here in Boulder, Colorado, are covered by very light-colored golden grass that could be thought of as a combination of Yang and The Earth Element.

The Yang Wood Element

Wood that is very light in color, such as blond maple or bamboo flooring could be considered more Yang than Yin in nature.

We have very light wood in our closets and window sills that we think of as The Yang Wood Element.

Yin and Yang

The Yang Water Element

We moved to the Gulf of Mexico in Florida where we lived with a busy waterway just outside our back-door balcony. The waterway (a sound bordering a barrier island) represented the Yang aspect of The Water Element with constant fishing boat, barge and speed boat activity.

While it was entertaining to watch the daily parade of water craft go by, the activity was constant and sometimes, unnerving.

The Yang Metal Element

Anything loud, noisy or too bright in consider to be Yang in nature. High mountain peaks with steep, rocky triangular shapes are Yang Metal.

Electronics such as TV's and computers can be examples, as well.

The Yang Fire Element

The Feng Shui Fire Element represents expansion, activity and high energetic levels. Bright reds and lightening are representative of The Feng Shui Yang Fire Element.

Figurines in the shape of a Fire Symbol and paintings that include images of Fire, represent The Fire Element

The Bronze Fire Ball

The Bronze Fire Ball is comprised of both The Metal Element (bronze) and The Fire Element (flames). It would be an excellent choice for placement in an environment of too much of The Wood Element. The Fire Ball is perfect for breaking up the heavy energy a dark wood desk.

The Fire Ball
Fire, Metal and very Yang

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