Feng Shui Wood Element

Feng Shui Wood Element

Feng Shui Wood Element

Of The Five Elements,The Feng Shui Wood Element can be identified in your home or office from examples on the following list:

  • Any items that are made of wood, including furniture, overhead beams, wall panels, railings and flooring
  • Wood tables, decorative wood carvings, all plants, flowers, trees, natural fabrics such as cotton and wool, floral materials

  • Paintings and posters depicting flowers, plants and trees including forest or jungle landscapes
  • Items in green or blue colors
  • Items that have a tree-trunk shape, including columns and vertical cylinders

Attributes of The Feng Shui Wood Element

  • The Wood Element is dominant in the Health & Family Gua on the Bagua Map, influencing your personal growth, creativity and ability to expand in new directions
  • Feng Shui Elements Balance is represented by equal amounts of positive energy and motivation

Yin and Yang Light & Dark Wood

  • Too much of The Wood Element can restrict your ability to make decisions, develop new ideas and experience lack of empathy for others
  • To bring Feng Shui 5 Elements Balance to an area with too much Wood, add items made of Metal

    Metal chops wood, controlling it - think of an ax chopping wood.......

Feng Shui Metal Element

Balance with Metal

Too much wood balanced with <b>The Metal Element<./b>, represented by the color white in this photo

This room has too much of The Feng Shui Wood Element. The abundance of Wood is "controlled" by the white walls, white carpet and white furniture.

White represents The Metal Element. For better balance, the Earth and Fire Elements should be added into the room setting. The Water Element can be included, but sparingly, as it "feeds" the Wood, causing it to appear to be even more "woody".

Photo Courtesy of uniquefengshuishop.com

True Story

We lived in a wooded area on a side of a hill. While the house was beautiful in its treed setting, and it had a feeling of protection, the combination of too much of The Wood Element and The Water Element represented through the small lake behind the home, we noticed that it was difficult there to make decisions to expand ourselves.

As we studied Feng Shui principles, we began to realize that we would have to subdue the effects of too much of both The Wood and Water Elements

Metal Chops Wood

In order to balance the overwhelming Wood Element inside and outside of our home, we placed a metal pedestal water fountain by our front door. Metal wind chimes were hung around the outside of the house. White pea rocks were spread at the back of the house to form a walkway.

The point is

When there is one or more of The Five Elements is dominant on your property or within your home or office, consider balancing that Element with The Controlling Element. In this example, accent pieces made of The Metal Element helped to balance the indecisiveness that we experienced living on a heavily wooded lot.

  • Too little of The Wood Element can create lack of vitality and a feeling of being "stuck" in a rut
  • To bring 5 Elements Balance to an area with too little Wood, add items made of Water

    Water feeds Wood, causing it to grow and expand.......

Feng Shui Water Element

Balance with Water

Bamboo is a grass that is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Feng Shui Bamboo is placed in a setting to restore balance where The Feng Shui Wood Element is needed to bring Five Elements balance.

Lucky Bamboo included in an arrangement with a Red Ribbon - The Fire Element, Metal Coins - The Metal Element, Soil or Stones - The Earth Element, a Blue or Black Container with water - The Water Element, and the Bamboo Stalks - The Wood Element combine together to form a symbolic representation of The 5 Elements

Bamboo is the plant that is grown in Chinese Gardens to bring in the values of Strength and Resiliency.

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