8 Feng Shui Wealth Tips to Activate Prosperity
& Stimulate Cash Flow

Feng Shui Wealth Tips

Tip #1 Keep the front pathway and entrance to your home or office unblocked. The pathway to your front door and the entryway directly affects how Chi is attracted into your home. Keeping the front pathway and entrance area clear of obstructions allow more good energy to enter into your home.

Placing a water fountain so that water flows towards the house will increase the flow of cash into your home. Water signifies wealth in Feng Shui, and the flow from the fountain directed at your home encourages wealth.

Feng Shui Entrance Cures can Uplift Negative Energy

Tip #2 Brighten your Front Entrance to attract good Chi Energy

A dark entrance implies low energy, and the occupants of the home or business may have difficulty attracting money. Install bright lights to increase the overall energy of the building. Hang a windchime in the entryway along with two dragon bells on the door to bring invite good Chi into your home or office.

Tip #3 Move your desk into the Command Position. Repositioning your desk stimulates the energy in your wealth area to work for you.

The desk should be as far from the door as possible, positioned in the room so that you can see as much of the room as possible. The entrance door of the office should be clearly visible from where you sit. The desk should not be placed directly across from the door.
Reinforce the bagua area in your desk by displaying small items specially chosen for desktop Feng Shui.

Tip #4 Place Images of Wealth in your surroundings

To bring more money into your life, place money-related items in your Wealth corner. Place Wealth Coins to attract money. For the greatest positive effect, you can arrange a table to display wealth symbols all together to increase the energy of cash flow. Place a bubbling water fountain in this area along your business files or any meaningful items related to your work.

Weath Symbols

Good Fortune Coins

Ancient Chinese coins, with a square hole in the center have a tremendous potency, especially when they are energized with red thread.

Tip #5 Hit the hot spot in the bedroom

Hanging a Purple Crystal with red cord in the Wealth Bagua Area of your bedroom is an effective cure for activating personal Wealth.

Tip #6 Seal those money leaks!!

Drains inside your house, automatically signify money leaving the home. Seal drains or cover them, and then visualize your wealth increasing.

Tip #7 Keep bathroom door closed to prevent draining both wealth and health. Sink, tub and shower drains should be stopped or covered.

Hang a Feng Shui crystal from the ceiling above the tub, shower or sink drains to energetically uplift the effect of water flushing away wealth.

Tip #8 Give yourself a boost with the Red Cure . This Feng Shui Cure is applied to the four feet that hold up the bed. Put red cloth strips, red ribbons or feng shui coins with red cords around each leg of your bed.

Apply Feng Shui Wealth Tips and Cures to increase your wealth and prosperity, get plenty of rest, and know that all is well!

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