Feng Shui Water Element

The Feng Shui Water Element

Represent the Feng Shui Water Element in areas where it's not easy to place flowing water. Place Water Element items from Amazon.com in your surroundings to attract money and wealth into your business and career areas.

2012 is the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon. Pay special attention to the energy flow in your living and working spaces. Add The Water Element to illuminate dark corners or soften sharp edges. Mirrors represent The Water Element and bring in light. Water fountains bring life and the feeling of consistent flowing energy into an area that is too Yang or harsh.

The importance of The Feng Shui Water Element.......

"Rivers and the inhabitants of the watery elements are made for wise men to comtemplate and for fools to pass by without consideration." Izaak Walton

Of The Five Elements, The Feng Shui Water Element can be identified in your home or office from these examples:

  • Any items such as fountains, bird baths, fish bowls
  • Multi-faceted lead crystals, natural crystals, glass and mirrors
  • Objects in black, dark blue, gray
  • Objects that are flowing or not clearly defined in shape

Attributes of The Water Element

  • Represented in the The Career Gua, and influences your business or career success, knowledge and wisdom
  • Feng Shui Water Element

    • Feng Shui Elements Balance creates clarity that, good communications with people who can help with your business and enhanced cash flow
    • Too much of the Feng Shui Water Element creates a "wishy washy" attitude that leaves you without clear, decisive direction and inability to make decisions

    To bring The 5 Elements Balance to an area with too much Water, add items made of the Earth Element

    Earth makes a dam to control water.......

    Feng Shui Earth Element

    Balance with Earth

    • Too little of the Feng Shui Water Element dries up your communication skills, positive career movement, and can impact cash flow
    • To bring The Five Elements Balance to an area with too little Water, add items made of Metal

      Metal holds water - think of a metal bowl holding nourishing water.......

    Balance with Metal

    Represent the Water Element in your Home or Office

    Mirrors represent The Water Element. To learn about Feng Shui Mirror Placement,
    Click on this link.......

    True Story

    The Feng Shui Water Element is an attractor and supporter of
    Wealth and Prosperity.

    I had a client who was having difficulty selling her home in a slow real estate market. As her home was located in an dry urban setting without a body of water in the area, she stimulated her prosperity by placing bubbling, flowing table fountains throughout the inside of her house, and we added a wind chime outside in The Helpful People Gua.

    The fountains created a feeling of delight and serenity, and the chime was placed with the intention of attracting people who would assist in her home's sale. Within just a few weeks, a sales contract appeared along with a second offer from a prospective buyer!

    The point is

    The Water Element is an important addition to your surroundings whether it's placed in your home or business environment.

    Remember that our bodies are mostly Water and that flowing Water is soothing to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

    The Water Dragon Space Clearing Ritual

    For a powerful space clearing, set your clear intentions for preparing a cleansed space, with the Lung Ding water basin used in The Water Dragon Ritual.

    When you focus your intention for the clearing, the water absorbs this energy. The healing properties of the water are magnified out into the room by the vibration of the gong.

    This water can be used for space clearing, as it holds the sound energy within its molecular structure.

    Water Fountains Stimulate Money Flow

    Feng Shui Water Fountains are one of the most important Feng Shui Cures that we can prescribe for your environment. Placed purposefully, Feng Shui Fountains may be used indoor or outdoors as Yin energy and Water Element Cures.

    Amazon.com carries a large selection of Feng Shui Water Fountains.

    Click Here for more on Feng Shui Water Fountain Cures

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