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We enjoy bringing you the best and latest Feng Shui Travel News to keep you updated on current Feng Shui events taking place around our world.

If you are traveling this year, you might consider visiting one of the beautiful Chinese Gardens in Canada or the United States. See the list below to locate a garden.

Enjoy a Chinatown Feng Shui Walking Tour in San Francisco. Walk a Labyrinth for relaxation, meditation and spiritual growth. Look into signing up for a Feng Shui Immersion Program in China with Helen and James Jay.

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Beautiful Chinese Gardens
in the United States and Canada

The Margaret Grigg Nanjing
Friendship Chinese Garden

Missouri Botanical GardenSt. Louis, Missouri

Photograph is provided courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden

Chinese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden

For More Harmonious Chinese Gardens in the U.S. and Canada........

San Francisco Chinatown Ghost Tours
Feng Shui Walking Tours

San Francisco Feng Shui Walking Tours with guides, Cynthia Yee and Korene Tom

SF Chinatown Ghost Tours invites you to explore the mysteries and traditions of ancient Chinese Feng Shui. Learn about the concepts of harmony and balance and how they affect the life energy all around us.

Click the link below to watch the wonderful videos on the "Meet Your Guides" page. See interviews with Cynthia Yee, San Francisco Chinatown historian and founder of SF Chinatown Ghost Tours. Enjoy watching Cynthia Yee's funny interview with Conan O'Brien, and the video of Cynthia's volunteer work in San Francisco Chinatown that was honored with the prestigious Jefferson Award.

Be sure and read the excellent information on the Feng Shui page too!

San Francisco Chinatown Ghost Tours
Feng Shui Walking Tours

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More Feng Shui Travel News
Walk a Labyrinth Today!


Grillo Center Labyrinth, a New Labyrinth in the park area of the Boulder Creek, and near the Boulder Public Library
Boulder, Colorado

The number has been growing over the past few year. While churches were the first to add Labyrinths as a meditation tool, Labyrinths are now in place in hospitals, retreats, conference centers, universities, health care centers and parks. Walk the Labyrinth to connect with your inner spirit, intuition and creativity.

Find a Labyrinth
World-Wide Labyrinth Locator

Feng Shui Tours of Hong Kong , China & Melbourne Chinatown
with Jodi Bruner

Explore the fascinating world of Feng Shui through the eyes of a master as we delve into the secrets of what makes Hong Kong the 'home' of Feng Shui.

Travel with the Master, all your Feng Shui questions answered in the home of Feng Shui.

Not Simply a Tour...it's an Educational Experience!

Our tour caters for people interested in Feng Shui right through to advanced practitioners of the art under the watchful eye of Jodi Brunner, Master of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Tours of Hong Kong, China & Melbourne China Town

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Feng Shui Immersion Program in China
with Helen and James Jay

The Feng Shui Immersion Program Tour begins May 18 in Beijing and ends in Shanghai on June 1.

In 1998, Helen and James Jay established ChinaStudies Travel as a new division of their Feng Shui Designs Learning Center. Since then, they have escorted hundreds of Feng Shui students, educators and professional consultants to Sacred China for a 16 day effective, hands-on learning experience.

Helen and James Jay are internationally recognized consultants and instructors of B.T.B. Feng Shui and are senior students of H.H. Thomas Lin Yun, Grand Master of the B.T.B. school of Feng Shui. In addition, they have trained in China and the U.S.

Click on this link to learn more about.......

Feng Shui Immersion Program in China

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For more on the Feng Shui Bagua Travel & Helpful People Gua.......

Feng Shui Travel News Tips

Fragrance Cures for the Road

  • Before you leave on your trip, it is a good idea to cleanse your car with a sage to ensure an enjoyable, productive drive
  • For room on the road, we like to burn incense or sage upon arriving at our hotel room in order to clear the energy of previous occupants, and given ourselves a fresh, cleansed environment for our stay

Feng Shui Cures

Sage Incense has the Potent Ability to Cleanse and Purify spaces.

Sage has gained great popularity in recent years because of its very powerful and potent ability to cleanse and purify spaces. Its effects are instantly noticeable, and thus it is a good choice for any situation where you want to create a quick change in the feel of any environment.

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