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Feng Shui Tips
Selling Homes with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tips Selling Homes page is a collection of the best of You Tube videos on how to prepare your home for a sale in a tough real estate market.

  • Create an Inviting Welcome - Remember to focus on creating a "feeling" of warmth and beauty in your home. We have sold 3 personal homes in the past 5 years using Feng Shui applications as a guide for transforming spaces into inviting rooms.
  • The Entrance including the outside walkways, front porch and foyer are the most important aspect of drawing potential buyer into your home. We have driven by many properties that looked shabby or mundane from the outside - and kept on going! Good curb appeal is critical, and it's like making a good first impression on a date.

Feng Shui Tips
First Impressions Attract Buyers

Feng Shui Tips
for an Inviting Entrance

Ken Lauher, Feng Shui Consultant, gives excellen Feng Shui Tips for creating a welcoming entrance into your home.

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Showing Your Home to Prospective Buyers

  • On the day of the showing, place fresh flowers in the foyeror living room
  • Turn on all the lights - remember to include the storage area, garage and basement
  • Ensure that there is a fresh smell in all rooms
  • Remove personal photos from your living room and bedrooms. Ideally, you would like for prospective buyers to identify with your home becoming their new home, so your personal relationships may be distracting
  • Remove items that may be considered "negative" or controversial by prospects, such as dark or heavy paintings. We know a real estate agent who lost a sale due to a large, threatening painting on the living room wall
  • Keep good Chi energy in the house by closing water drains - the shower door, toilets and the washing machine
  • Adjust shades and blinds to bring the beautiful outdoor views inside, and to let the sunshine in!
  • Play very soft music in the background
  • If you have a fireplace and it's cold outside, lightening a fire can give your prospects the ambiance of warmth and coziness
  • Place lighted candles around to enhance warmth and beauty. We set two or three lighted candles on the ledge around the bathtub to create a feel of shimmering relaxation that the new buyer might find enticing
  • Present your home as a sanctuary of tranquility and comfort - list the ways that you can create a sense of security and support in your home, and follow through with making the changes. Pull out all the stops to create an appealing ambiance.
  • On leaving for the buyers' showing, check your thoughts, emotions and intentions. Bless your home that has served you so well, and see your prospective buyer or buyers as blessed to receive your gift to them.

True Story

Wealth and Prosperity are expressed in many ways. We are prosperous when Life is rich with good experiences and meaningful relationships - as well as monetary rewards.

One of the best ways to become prosperous is through practicing the art of giving and receiving.

I had a Feng Shui real estate consultation with a client who wanted to sell her home in Atlanta so that she could buy another that was smaller and more suitable for her current lifestyle. Her house sat on the market for a few months before she contacted me.

During our consultation, I gave my client a long list of changes that had to be made in her home and on the property in order to give her listing more appeal to a prospective buyer.

After looking at what needed to be cleaned, re-arranged and uplifted, she told me that the list was too long and that she didn't see how the changes could really help. Besides, she said that she would be moving after the house was sold, so why bother?

The Point is

I explained to my client that while it would take some effort to make the changes to her home in order to attract a buyer, she could console herself by thinking of her efforts as a "gift" to the new owner.

So by "giving" to someone else whom she had not yet met through upgrading her property, my client "received" a contract on her home withing 2 weeks. And, the funny thing was - the buyer was a Feng Shui Consultant!

Prosperity is all around us and is activated by giving of yourself and your services to others.

Feng Shui Tips
Landscaping for Good Curb Appeal

Feng Shui Tips
Attracting Buyers

Remove Personal Items - Remember buyers won't connect with items that are important to you. When we are selling our personal home, we remove family photos and objects that we have collected from our life experiences

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