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Feng Shui Space Clearing Ceremony

A Feng Shui Space Clearing Ceremony is a wonderful way to cleanse negativity from a space, and replace stagnant energy with an environment that will support your positive intentions.

Energetically, everything emits vibrations that "talk" to us. Anything that we don't love or want in our presence can drain or alter energy, so the goal is to replace it with what is beautiful and comfortable.

Especially during the winter months when we stay indoors more often, clutter and items accumulate quickly. As we hibernate, the good CHI energy can become stagnant. Now it's time to clear the old and set the stage for new beginnings that Spring promises.

After a thorough cleaning of your home, office or outside property, consider smudging with sage or rosemary to clear the remnants of winter's closed-in atmosphere that might have left you experiencing the stagnation of lower vibrational levels.

If there have been arguments, worry, stress, relationship issues, difficult guests or negativity of any type, now is the time to release the old and open up to all that is positive.

Follow these easy steps for an effective Feng Shui Space Clearing Ceremony:

  • Always set your intentions first. Clearly define the purpose and desired outcome of your Space Clearing
  • Write-out what you would like to release, and exactly whatyou would like to accomplish with your home or office clearing. For example, you might want to state simply that you intend to release any accumulated energy that is not to your "highest and best", and invite positive people and situations into your home or office.
  • The more clear and certain you are about your desired outcome, the greater opportunity for it to show up looking like your original intention
  • Visualize the outcome in your mind's eye. How does it make you feel? If you feel good about your intention, then you will be clear about the outcome that you would like to see move into your life
  • Open the windows and doors, and let the refreshing feel of new life flow into your surroundings

  • Walk the perimeter of the room or property by ringing a Tibetan bell, or if a bell is not available, clap your hands, as you bless the area with your gratitude for the opportunity to cleanse your surroundings

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Salt Cleansing for Space Clearing

Salt Cleansing Feng Shui Cure

Salt Cleansing is very effective for spaces dedicated to emotional healing. It contributes to feelings of balance and integrity.

  • Place sea salt in small bowls around the corners of your rooms - to be removed and disposed of in 24 hours
  • I like to use white sage to perform a Space Clearing, saying prayers and my intentions aloud to release negativity from the space, and open the way for supportive thoughts and a fresh perspective on life.
  • Place the white sage in an incense burner or even a simple baking pan lined with aluminum foil
  • Carefully light the sage, and walk the perimeter of room or property, carefully fanning the smoke with your hand
  • Smudge the corners of the room, and then move towards the center to ensure that the entire area is covered with the cleansing smoke
  • Be sure to dispose of the sea salt and sage ashes after they have been properly extinguished
  • After completing a Feng Shui Space Clearing, take a bath, soaking in the tub with a small amount of sea salt added to the bath water. Then complete your personal energy restoration with a warm shower

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The purpose of performing a Feng Shui Space Clearing Ceremony is to define your intentions and follow through to a desired outcome.

Just the fact that you are willing to move beyond negativity, and then seal the intention with a ritual that is meaningful to you is a powerful demonstration of your willingness to move into new beginnings. Releasing negativity and then intending a new beginning - whatever that looks like for you - is a set up for spiritual healing and expansion within your personal environment.

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