Feng Shui School Days

Whether you're 6 or 60, it's Feng Shui School Days, and time to go back to school! Life is a school for continual learning, and it's a very good idea to set up your surroundings so that you will get the most out of your education.

Motivate yourself or your children with a clear quartz crystal placed in your study area, as it grounds with the earth vibration.

Feng Shui Carp or Dragon Fish
Place on Student's Desk for Academic Achievement

The Carp or Dragon Fish symbolizes perseverance because of its legendary valor in swimming against the current. Display this auspicious carp anywhere in your home to enjoy abundant good fortune and prosperity luck. For students, place on your study desk to attain academic excellence.

EMF Neutralizers for Students

These devices may reduce the negative effects of geopathic, electrical and electromagnetic (EMF) radiations in our environment. This product converts harmful frequencies into beneficial energy; they are "life energy emitters". They ease environmental stress by raising the user's etheric vibration, producing healthier energy fields, enhancing immune function, allowing mind and body to work with improved harmony.

Children & Creativity

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