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Feng Shui Real Estate professionals coach us on the need to clean, remove clutter, repair and update our homes in preparation for selling. While all of these activities are critically important to "setting the stage" for a successful sale, my experiences as both a Feng Shui Consultant and homeowner guide me to see the process from another perspective.

Feng Shui is about the energy of a property and in real estate, the feeling that prospective buyers have when looking for a new home has a significant impact on determining the sale.

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As a Feng Shui Consultant, I have worked with clients who have been guided to include a Feng Shui Real Estate check-up on their "to do" list to prepare a property for sale, but in most cases, applying Feng Shui Real Estate principles and techniques is secondary, and in many cases, a last act of desperation.

An effective Feng Shui House Selling Cure is the activation of your entrance with sound energy. This big wind chime, with especially clear sound, promotes the calling of prospective buyers. Throughout our Feng Shui Vibes website, we provide readers with tips on how to "Feng Shui" their home for living in it with more happiness and increased prosperity. If you live with good Feng Shui practices in your surroundings on a daily basis, then preparing your home for sale can fall into place in a natural way. As a Feng Shui practitioner, you will have kept items in your home and office space in good working condition.

Creating and clearing clutter is an ongoing way of living, and you will have realized that clutter has a way of keeping you stuck in the past so you will have a method of regularly addressing elimination of those items that accumulate and stagnant your living space.

As the importance of practicing of Feng Shui principles comes into your awareness, you learn and then "know" that your environment has a subtle and yet powerful impact on your psyche and feeling of well-being. Good habits develop from there, and Feng Shui becomes a continual focus.

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True Story

As Feng Shui focuses attention on creating the energy that sets up a desired feeling in your surroundings, you become a proactive participant in the flow of life.

Empowering yourself by applying Feng Shui techniques and principles in your home or work environment purposefully sets up
The Law of Attraction to work on your behalf.

The Point is

We sold our personal home this Spring by applying Feng Shui in a manner that created an atmosphere that attracted a qualified buyer in just
32 days!

Beyond Staging your Feng Shui Real Estate

In order to prepare a home for sale, I assist my clients with many types of recommendations, including ideas that may assist with expediting the sale on "the invisible level".

I have had clients who ask about the need to make their home appear inviting and comfortable in order to attract a buyer. Sometimes it's unspoken, and I know that they are thinking - "Why should I go to all the trouble if I'm going to be moving soon?".

When you live or work in a space every day, it is easy to get lost in daily activities and ignore regular maintenance. It's easy to let things slide when you're busy earning a living. When you are selling your home, you might think that a prospective buyer won't notice the stained carpet, your garage that's used for as a storage unit for cast-off junk, or the weeds in the corner of the yard. Why bother anyway if you're going to be moving soon?

This is the most important time to put on your Feng Shui "Eyes" - by taking another long, objective look at your property, and know that as you are making improvements to attract a buyer, you are now preparing a "gift" for a new owner.

The Gift

Your home has provided you with shelter and comfort. If you think of your house as just building materials and a place to go to sleep in the evenings, you may not be aware that you living environment tells your life story. An experienced Feng Shui consultant can detect your perspective and feelings through observation of your surroundings. Others with sensitivity and intuition can tell a great deal about your lifestyle.

Where you are right now is transmitted out to those who enter your space. In turn, changes made to your personal space subtly influence your own feelings of security, prosperity and happiness.

Ask yourself, am I ready to give my home as a "gift" to a new owner? If I am ready to provide someone else with that "gift" then what steps do I need to take to present it with beautiful wrapping paper and an attractive bow?

Letting Go

If you think of your home as your personal haven to be passed along to an impersonal buyer, check your intentions. In today's housing market, we are aware that many people are leaving their homes for various personal reasons. We have friends who resisted selling their home for many months beyond the time that they should have sold. During the sales process, they could not "let go". The resistance to releasing a home is more than understandable. Most of us love our home, and the process of detaching from it can be painful.

A few years ago, we disagreed on selling our home in Atlanta. Candace felt that it was time to move on, and I just wasn't ready to leave the beautiful house that had supported us so well for 5 years. Without realizing it, I found ways to sabotage the sale. For example, I didn't like the position of the "For Sale" sign by our driveway, so I placed the sign at the far side of the front yard - much to the unhappiness of the real estate agent.

So, whether you want to sell - or have to sell your home - prepare yourself to release your property to a new owner - and give it as a gift to that owner, if you can.

The Expectations

Real Estate agents know that people who are attached to their homes believe that everyone should appreciate and love their house - as much as they do.

Homeowners may overlook the home's imperfections and focus on thinking that others should be willing to pay top dollar to acquire their property. They have heard that their neighbor sold for a high price last year, and understandably that high price should hold for their sale as well. They do not research the current market conditions and take into consideration "comps" - or comparable sales prices from neighboring properties withing the past 6 months.

We know. We had a condo in Florida that sat on the market for a few months before we lowered the price to attract a buyer. We hoped that the past year's higher prices would prevail, and even though we knew that prices were falling, we held on to our high price until we realized that if we really wanted to sell, we had to make a big price adjustment. We started testing different pricing points, and sold the condo when when we adjusted to meet the current market conditions. Coupled with good Feng Shui real estate practices and an appropriate price, we were able to sell in a tight market.

What you can do.......

  • On the activities side of preparing your Feng Shui real estate for sale, I can't stress enough the need to remove clutter. If you don't do anything else, please spend time removing trash and giving your surroundings a thorough cleaning. This will activate Good Chi energy and support you as you detach from all the stored memories and items that keep you tied to the past
  • Clear the storage room, basement, attic and garage to free the Chi Flow. Make sure that buyers can easily walk through a cleared path to see how functional the spaces can be for their storage. If necessary, rent a temporary storage unit by the month to remove items that you are not able to discard
  • Donate and give yourself a tax deduction, too. If you itemize your taxes, you can check with your tax preparer to find out how to acquire the proper documentation in order to take a deduction for donations. Besides, donating can put you into the flow of giving and receiving. Know that what you are releasing will be received by someone else who will be grateful for your contribution

Activate the Entrance &
The Bagua's Helpful People Gua

Feng Shui Fountain

It is important to have Helpful People in your life when you are selling or buying a home or business. Helpful People that you can attract include your realtor, home inspector, title company representative, home repairman, banker and of course, your Feng Shui Consultant.

Locate and activate the Helpful People Gua of your home or business with a water fountain to stimulate your good relationships.

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  • Pay particular attention to creating an inviting entrance to your home. We know of realtors who say that "curb appeal" is the first step in the home sales process. Your prospective buyers will "drive by" and keep going if the outside of your property doesn't appeal to them to take the time to come inside for a look. You have seen the realtor signs that say "Must see Inside". Give them a reason to come in by making the outside of your home neat and inviting. The outside condition of your property is the best advertisement for telling prospects about the inside qualities of your home
  • The all-important "Mouth of Chi" comes into play here. The area surrounding the front door of your home is called "The Mouth of Chi" as it brings in good life energy from the environment, and passes your energy back out into the outside world. Place two matching "Greeters" on either side of your front door - flower pots with healthy plants in them, matching statues or even outdoor seating
  • Consider a Feng Shui real estate space clearing and blessing to neutralize the energy in your home. By removing personal energy, you will free accumulated energy and open the space for someone else. Predecessor energy can impact a buyers "feelings" about a property

Feng Shui Real Estate Selling Tip

In her new book,Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost Buster, Feng Shui Expert, Anna Maria Prezio, writes "When selling your property it is auspicious to have bird symbols, pictures or paintings near your front door."

For more on creating a Feng Shui Entrance, click here.......

As the entrance to your home is the all-importan Mouth of Chi that invites positive energy into your environment, be sure that your front porch is thoroughly cleaned and very attractive.

Remember, that the front porch adds to your home's "curb appeal", and tells a visitor and prospective buyer that you care about your property and have taken good care of it.

If your entry way is not beautiful and inviting, real estate agents and buyers may overlook your home and move on to one that has a welcoming entrance.

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