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November 2008

Our Feng Shui Products November 2008 message this month focuses on gratitude as the basic building block for manifesting your heart's desire.

Gratitudes and Intentions
12 Red Envelopes

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When an intention is set for bringing about what we need or want, begin with expressing gratitude for what you already have. That feeling of thankfulness clears any emotional negativity that might delay or distort the possibility of receiving the finished product of your stated intention.

For your Thanksgiving Gathering this year, do something a little different to highlight the importance of the holiday. Ask your family and friends to write a gratitude and then an intention on a piece of paper, stating something that is a personal desire. Place the gratitude and intention paper inside the Red Envelope.

Our personal experience in manifesting with
The Gratitude & Intention Circle happened earlier this year. We put our home up for sale in February, and our real estate agent told us to expect a 9-month sales cycle in the tight housing market.

We received a contract on our home in just 32 days! Of course, the Feng Shui applications that we had made on our home were key to the sale.

In addition, we had a Circle of friends who met in our home once a week for a few month for the express purpose of stating our gratitudes and intentions to manifest what each person wanted to have or do. We stated our gratitudes for our beautiful home as well as our intention to sell it easily.

Our Intenders Circle added wonderful energy into our home, and our good Feng Shui applications worked! Our new buyer was delighted to buy our home, and we closed within the following month!

If your group is willing, sit in a Circle and moving around clockwise, ask each person to express their gratitudes and then intention for achieving a personal goal, object or specific outcome.

You can close with a prayer to set the intention, and then, then carefully burn each envelope in a large bowl or the fireplace. Be sure to be very careful with placing the envelope into a open flame, and extinguish the flame properly.

The Gratitudes and intentions Circle is very powerful and can be repeated during your New Year's Eve or New Year's Day celebration.

Active Wealth with Coins
Holiday Gifts for Activating Income

Old Chinese Coins activate Wealth.

Give them as a gift to symbolize the offering of wealth luck to your friends and family. Place the 3 coins tied in your purse or wallet to symbolize the never ending source of your income. For people in business, these special coins can be placed with the red envelope taped under the computer at work, or taped onto the cash register to bring in money flow.

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You can buy The Wealth Coins as a single set, or enjoy the special pricing from Unique Feng Shui Shop on 5 sets of 3 Coins with Red Envelopes.

Holiday Gifts for Customers or the Office
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If you would like information on how to start or join an Intenders Circle in your area, visit The Intenders website at The Intention Process & Circles.

From April through July, 3 Intenders in our Circle sold their homes (our home included) through The Intention Process. We are grateful to our Circle friends and to Tony Burroughs, founder of The Intenders.
We are thankful for knowing Feng Shui principles
and how to apply Feng Shui in our home!

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Self-Healing Expressions
New Feng Shui e-Course

Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul's Desires with Feng Shui by Deborah Redfern

A wonderful new e-course, very reasonably priced that delivers!

In this course, you will be guided on a journey to consciously create an environment that attracts more of what you want in life — with ease. This course describes and teaches a dance about energy. There are nine steps in this dance, consisting of two components:

1) Feng shui ~ Feng shui is the ancient art of living in balance. When you are in a balanced environment, you naturally experience a greater sense of harmony and well-being. As a result, you attract – without great effort – new opportunities, increased abundance, success and joy.

2) The Law of Attraction ~ The law of attraction simply states that what you think about, you attract. The more you think about it, the more you attract it. To change what you attract and manifest, you adjust what you think and the way you think.

Learn to interweave these two components to create a powerful tool for manifestation.

Dancing with Energy:
9 Steps to Manifesting your Soul's Desires with Feng Shui

Spiritual & Symbolic Jewelry

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