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Getting Ready for Feng Shui Romance

When it's time for attracting a new love or spicing up your current love life, Feng Shui Romance can work like a lucky charm!

Take a good look at your surroundings. If you have become lax in taking care of yourself, you may have let your physical support system go by the wayside as well.

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Clutter is the glue that keeps us stuck in past relationships. Clutter consists of old papers, magazines, broken items and anything visible or hidden in your environment that is a reminder of former lovers. Clean up, clear it out and make room for new energy and new friends.

Too much furniture clogs smooth, even Chi Flow and can be remedied by opening spaces in your home or office to create clear paths and walkways.

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Clean, paint, remoe trash, repair broken items or dispose of them, and spruce up your visible surroundings.

Now, you're ready for Feng Shui Romance!

Your Home Reveals Who You Are

Look around. What is in your surroundings that reminds you of being lonely or isolated?
Sometimes it's unnoticed items that you might walk past every day,
without realizing the subtle influence on your subconscious.

True Story

We have a friend who has a frame poster of a beautiful, single woman in a canoe. Seated at one end of the canoe is the woman, and at the other end is her cat. Both are looking in the same direction, out into the water.

The full moon overhead shines on the woman, cat and canoe, and their loneliness and singularity is exaggerated by their image reflection in the water.

It took time for our friend to be able to let go of the continual reminder that her life mirrored the independence and separateness of the image of that poster.

The Point is.........

How you see yourself in life is reflected in your surroundings. A good Feng Shui Consultant examines your living area to find clues about your Self-Knowledge.

Surround yourself with "Pairs"
of Love Reminders

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Be creative and place "Two" of anything that reminds you of your Heart's Desire for a loving partnership. A status of 2 lovers embracing, two traditional Mandrin Ducks, two pink or red candles, two roses.

If you're in a marriage or committed relationship, place a photo of both of you on the night table beside your bed. Better, place a different photo of both of you together on both your's and your lover's night tables.

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