The Feng Shui Office
& Your Personal Workspace

Feng Shui Office Space for a Positive Work Place

  • Your business growth, development and personal success is enhanced by cultivating good Chi, The Life Force Energy
  • Focus on your success by shifting the energy of the business location, office/studio, treatment rooms, home office, and the career areas of your personal home and bedroom
  • Prepare for Feng Shui office decorating by clearing all clutter from your workspace!
  • Create an overall atmosphere of safety, beauty and comfort to support clients, vendors, employees and yourself
  • Be aware that clients make snap decisions about your business by its "look and feel"

  • Give special attention to the entrance of your workspace, considered the Mouth of Chi where good energy must be invited in for the business to thrive
  • Attract Wealth into the business with healthy green plants, moving water and wind chimes
  • Apply The Bagua Map, the energy template, to your business, workspace and desk
  • Very Important: Place your desk in the command position of the room, with your back to a solid wall and facing the door
  • If you can't change the position of your desk so that you are facing the office door, then place a mirror above the screen of your computer's monitor. By installing this special Monitor Mirror, you will be able to see anyone coming up behind your workstation. Not being able to see who is approaching, may contribute to tension and stress.

Feng Shui Tips for a Success Home Office

  • Hang crystals in your Feng Shui Office in The Center Gua (for good business health) or Creativity Area of your workspace
  • Add red objects or flowers to The Fame Area
  • Attract supportive people by hanging wind chimes or mobiles in The Helpful People Area
  • Add mirrors, fountains or personal objects that reflect prosperity to The Wealth Area
  • Bolster your career and cash flow with a fountain or aquarium in The Career Area
  • Remember that your workspace reflects you so uplift your business and yourself with powerful, harmonious surroundings

Two Dragon Bells for Your Office Door Invite
Good Fortune

Feng Shui Bells

The Two Bells in this photo can be hung on your office door to encourage Good Fortune to enter.

We bought these beautiful 2 Dragon Bells from Feng Shui Fusion for our home office door.

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