Feng Shui Mysteries

Enjoy the Feng Shui mysteries that make it fun and easy to learn about the importance of the art of placement, Chi Flow, Energy, Yin & Yang and The Five Elements.

The Feng Shui mystery writers featured on this page are all experienced Feng Shui practitioners as well as talented at communicating their fascinating stories.

The Feng Shui Dectective Goes West
Feng Shui Book series by Nury Vittachi

A quirky, unconventional sleuth with a craving for tea. A country with exotic customs and beliefs and lunches. "Problems" that require not so much a private eye as a..a person with an unusual perspective. Precious Ramotswe and The No. 1 Ladies' Dective Agency? No, but fans of Alexander McCall Smith's delightful Botswana-based series will very much enjoy meeting Master Wong, the Feng Shui Detective of Singapore.

The Feng Shui Detective Goes West is the last of the Master Wong Feng Shui series books. Released in November 2011.

Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster
by Anna Maria Prezio

A new book this year by Anna Maria Prezio, Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster, focuses on spaces that attract ghosts and entities.

Dark, damp, cluttered and stagnant chi-flow places represent Yin energy that ghosts find attractive while light, airy, clean spaces are Yang in nature and generally repel ghosts.

Anna Maria provides information on determining if ghosts exist within an area and gives space-clearing guidelines for removing unwanted entities.

We were fortunate to be able to speak with Anna Maria, and after reading Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster recommend her book as an easy read with excellent guidelines for identifying ghosts and removal techniques.

Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster

A Deadly Arrangement
by Denise Osborne

We were privileged to speak with Denise Osborne on the telephone recently. Not only is Denise a delight, she has the combined rare talents of mystery writing and Feng Shui expertise.

Denise is President of The International Feng Shui Guild, Kansas City Chapter.
The Premiere volume of Feng Shui Mysteries from Berkley Prime Crime There's good feng shui...and then there's bad. Feng shui practitioner Salome Waterhouse knows the difference. She can spot a bad vibe from a mile away. Usually a simple rearranging of a room can patch things up. But occasionally, she has to delve a little deeper...

Evil Intentions

A Feng Shui Mystery from Perseverance Press

When arsonists target Salome Waterhouse's Georgetown home, It's bad Feng Shui, to say the Least, for the Japanese-American practitioner. Then her ex-husband, a mystery writer, discovers the body of an Organizer, a questionable suicide. Their friend, an African-American private investigator, sees that the cases are intertwined and that the time has come for the three to combine their skills in combating crime. This eclectic trio of Baby Boomers must bring down an underworld figure whose evil intentions have destroyed countless lives--and threaten their own......

Designed to Kill

The Third volume of Feng Shui Mysteries from Berkley Prime Crime Salome is off to Northern California to lead a feng shui seminar at the prestigious Star Institute. A New Agey atmosphere filled with yoga instructors and vegan chefs is just what her ch'i needs. But it's not long before Salome gets her feng shui feet wet once again in a murder investigation. The victim: Toby Ashcroft, Institute owner and former dot.com tycoon. The suspects: bitter ex-business partners, jilted ex-lovers, and greedy relatives. But Salome has her third eye on something else, something out of place that defies feng shui--and criminal law...

Adventures of a Feng Shui Detective
by Valmai Howe Elkins

How outer clues reveal your inner life
36 Real Case Studies

We read Valmai Howe Elkins' Adventures of a Feng Shui Detective in 2000 and are fortunate to have a personally autographed copy of the book.

After attending a Feng Shui lecture by Valmai in 2001, I decided to enroll in her Power Feng Shui classes held in Santa Fe. The book is a collection of real life case studies, and after reading the accounts of the subtle influences of our surroundings, we became aware of the profound impact that our home and work places have upon our very beings.

Read about The Feng Shui Detective as she investigates for the hidden clues that point to what our homes reveal about us. A good read that will leave you aware of how we take our surroundings for granted, and the importance of realizing the Power of Feng Shui. James Allen

Fatal Feng Shui by Leslie Caine

Have fun reading these high-adventure magical mysteries by the famous Mystery Writer, Leslie Caine.....

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