The Art of Feng Shui Mirror Placement

There's a Feng Shui Mirror saying, "Hang 2 Mirrors,
and call me in the morning"!

A Powerful Feng Shui Cure

Feng Shui Mirror Placement is a powerful Feng Shui Cure. Similar to "The Mirror Principle" where we become aware that our thoughts and actions are reflected back to us by others, mirrors placed in our surroundings absorb or reflect positive and negative energy.

Because of their versatility when placed in specific areas, mirrors are known as the "aspirin" of Feng Shui Cures.

Mirrors are the Feng Shui Aspirin

Feng Shui Mirror Placement Tips

  • Mirrors are versatile, all-purpose Cure - known as the Feng Shui "Aspirin"
  • Mirrors are Powerful Transmuters of Energy
  • Mirrors are Powerful Repellent for negative energy and poison arrows
  • Mirrors Attract energy to a space adding light, spaciousness, and activate Chi flow
  • Mirrors are a Feng Shui "Light" Cure
  • Mirrors are Symbolic of your self-image & clarity of mind; no smoky mirrors
  • Mirrors represent The Feng Shui Water Element

Effective Mirror Placement

  • Choose clear, non-distorted mirrors (no ripples) and no mirror tiles. Tiled mirrors break up energy and add confusion to the reflected image
  • Clean your mirrors frequently to ensure a clear image
  • Make sure that your mirrors reflect beautiful surroundings. Position mirrors to pick up pleasing views of the outdoors whenever possible

Feng Shui Water Element

  • Place a Foyer Mirror to the side of the Front Door - never directly across from the Front Door. A mirror placed across from the Front Door represents strong repelling energy and can push anyone entering there right back out the door!
  • Place square & rectangle shapes for balance; Octagonal shapes for power; Circular shapes for unity
  • Hang high enough to see your entire head; no chopped heads or the viewer may be challenged with a negative self-image
  • Place behind the Kitchen stove. A mirror hung behind the stove top burners magnifies Wealth
  • While working in the Kitchen, the cook should be in the Command Position, that is, able to see all entrances. If the cook's back is to a Kitchen door, hang a mirror over the cook's workspace so that anyone coming through the door can be seen right away
  • Use sparingly in the Bedroom for better sleeping; cover at night if the mirror is large or placed on your path to the bathroom
  • Avoid hanging mirrors directly across from each other
  • Hang above your desk or computer if your back is facing a door
  • Decorative mirrors are most effective when placed in a positiion to capture the reflection of a beautiful scene or object. With careful Bagua irror placement, you can enjoy a lovely view twice - the actual image and its framed reflection!

The Powerful Bagua Mirrors

Very important! Bagua Mirrors are so powerful that they should be used only on the outside of your home or business.

Bagua Mirrors can be used to deflect Poison Arrows, fast-moving streams of energy. Poison Arrows are "shot" onto a property, building, house or within a room from:

  • Sharply angled wall corners or building corners
  • Broken concrete
  • Rough-edged tree trunks
  • An angled roof edge
  • A T-Shaped intersection that ends at a property line
  • Pointed furniture lines

Place Bagua Mirrors directly across from the pointed or sharp-edged structures to turn the "Poison Arrow" away from your home or office.

Indoor Bagua Mirror Placement

Feng Shui Vibes Visitor Question

I have recently placed a octagonal mirror near the inside entrance of my house. I needed a mirror there to check my appearance when leaving the house. I can see my entire head in it clearly and it is about 12 inches wide. This is not an actual bagua mirror, it simply has that shape with a dark brown frame. I have read that bagua mirrors should not be placed within the house. Since this is not a real bagua mirror, but does have the octagonal shape... question is, is this a problem? Should I eliminate it from the house?

Lia, New Mexico

Feng Shui Mirror Recommendation

A small octagonal bagua mirror can be used in a location outside your home to repel or "push back" negative energy that might be coming towards the building. The mirrors display the trigrams of the I Ching, and are used in traditional Feng Shui in the Far East.

As we practice Western Feng Shui, the best idea is to examine what the mirror placement might mean to you.

Our culture is different than the areas where traditional Feng Shui was initiated, we like to look at what is comfortable in our surroundings - according to our beliefs.

In our Western culture, we might relate an 8-sided object to a stop sign. A stop sign could give some people a feeling of putting the brakes on or limitation. On the other side, an octagonal-shaped sign from a security protection company placed in the front yard might give another person a sense of security.

That said, it sounds like your mirror is placed in a spot that is useful to you, it's clear and you can see your whole image. We have a mirror placed on the inside wall of our front door that we use to check ourselves out before leaving our home. Our mirror has a framed reminder printed above the glass that says "Reach for the Stars" - a good message before leaving for the outside world.

Enjoy your new mirror!

Concave Bagua Mirrors
attract Good Chi

If your home has a beautiful view, then it is good Feng Shui to absorb the positive Chi Energy of uplifting surroundings. Feng Shui Mirror Placement of the Concave Bagua Mirror above your front door will encourage good Chi to be continually attracted into your home or business.

Convex Bagua Mirror
Repel Negative Energy

Place a Convex Bagua Mirror across from any troubling building, object or incoming negative energy to repel unwanted forces. For more Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors, visit our Yin & Yang page........

Mirrors are Powerful Feng Shui Cures

True Story

I had a Feng Shui client, an artist, who lived in a mother-in-law rental house near a small lake. Her home was on the water's edge, and her landlord's house was father away - up an incline, near the road that went by the property.

The landlord's teenagers would have parties with loud music that went on until very late at night. In addition, her rental house needed repairs, and there was no indication that repairs were important to the owners.

My client couldn't bring herself to address the impositions with her landlord. She seemed to be overwhelmed with negative energy that was invading her home.

During our Feng Shui consultation, she agreed to make some significant changes in her surroundings. First, she cleared clutter, leaving a clean palate to start her Feng Shui practice.

We placed her artwork in prominent places around her home in order to restore her self-image, encouraging her personal power to expand. Then we placed a Mirror on an inside wall that captured the reflection of the landlord's home and sent it back out of my client's house and onto the landlord's property.

The point is........

Amazingly, the next time that the teenagers had a loud party, she marched outside at midnight to let them know that was not acceptable for them to continue their inconsiderate behavior.

Soon after that, the repairs on her house were made and the loud parties became much quieter.

Feng Shui can help you see where you might need to make changes, based on your specific desires. Then the visual reminders can reinforce your intentions. If you are committed to making real changes, consider Feng Shui for effective results!

A Discreet Mirror Cure

In some situations, it might be a wise decision to keep your Mirror Cures away from the view of others.

Consider placing a small mirror behind an object to keep the mirror out of site and yet deliver the powerful effect of energizing a specific area.

For example, place a small Octagonal Mirror inside, underneath or in a hidden location that directly faces the spot where you would like to project energy.

One Feng Shui Mirror Cure is the application of an obscure Octagonal Mirror, placed beneath the top of your desk.

Mentally place The Bagua Map over the top of your desk. Locate the Gua that you would like to focus on improving, such as the enhancement of your Career.

The Career Gua is the spot that is in the center of the desk, and closest to you on The Bagua Map.

Place an Octagonal Mirror face up underneath the desk but pointing upward to your Career Gua. You will know that the Mirror is highlighting the importance of your career, and no one will know that it is there!

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More Mirror Placement Tips

Convex mirrors can be placed to push away Chi energy that is rushing too fast towards structures located at the end of a busy T- intersection. Concentrated, fast-moving Chi can have a negative impact on the inhabitants of a home or building.

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