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Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Well-planned Feng Shui Mirror Placement is critical to positively supporting, or negatively impacting all those coming in contact with a reflecting surface. Mirrors compel or repel, and reflect, deflect, absorb or distort images depending on quality and positioning.

Absorbing Good Chi Energy

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When considering a Feng Shui mirror placement, pay attention that what will be directly positioned across from the mirror. For example, on the outside of your home or business, use a concave mirror to absorb or draw good Chi, life force energy, into your environment.

Mirrors hung on walls should be placed so that whatever it is that is directly reflected adds to the beauty of the space.

Concave mirrors draw the energy of the image towards the space where the mirror is hung, so be sure that you want to attract the energy of that which is being reflected.

Deflecting Negative Images and Energy

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Feng Shui mirror placement pays attend to pushing away or diffusing the negativity of an object or view that is not pleasing.

A home or building positioned at the end of a "T" street may be stressed with the rush of Chi coming directly towards it from both oncoming traffic or vehicles passing by in front of the structure.

We advise clients who live at the end of a "T" street to place convex mirror in front of the building to scatter and deflect the possible overwhelm of too much energy coming towards the outside too quickly.

Opposing or Fragmented Mirrors

Mirrors that face and reflect the image of the opposite mirror given the illusion of infinite depth. On the psychological level, the reflected object or person can feel disoriented or "lost" within the maze or images.

Tiled mirrors or mirror squares placed on walls or furniture fragment the viewer's self image.

A mirror used for personal grooming should not "cut off the head" or any body part of the viewer. A full image is important for a healthy, complete self-image.

Mirrors that distort in any manner are distracting, confusing and deplete a person's Chi. Infinity mirrors give the illusion that there is no depth,and can cause some people to feel unstable. Grounding is important to giving most humans a solid sense of well-being. A fragmented self-image does not contribute to the wholeness of a positive self-image.

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