Feng Shui Mirror Garden Chi Enhancers

Feng Shui Mirror Garden Chi Enhancers in an outdoor space,

  • Move Chi in the garden in the direction and flow of prosperity
  • Expand a small area through reflection of the surroundings
  • Enliven a garden or outdoor seating area through light reflection

Feng Shui Mirror Garden Placement
Key to Maximum Chi Attraction

A beautiful area in the courtyard of Dewey Destin's restaurant on HWY 98 in Destin, Florida. Visitors are greeted with seasonal flowers in the courtyard that are reflected by the outdoor mirrors.

There is an setting of space expansion and excitement stimulated by the powerful colors.

Mirrored Gazing Balls add whimsy to a garden. Like Feng Shui Garden Mirror settings, the gazing ball is a reflector of its surroundings.
As with placement of all mirrors, make certain that the image across from the mirror is a pleasant scene. Reflecting trash or an unattractive image can magnify negativity in your surroundings.
Look for spots in your garden that are the most pleasant, and position your Feng Shui Mirror Garden Chi Enhancer across from beauty.

Garden mirrors are wonderful for small patio spaces. As mirrors represent the Water Element, even a small fountain can be give the illusion a greater flowing water. In Feng Shui, gently flowing water represents expansion of Wealth & Prosperity.

We find this indoor/outdoor mirror piece intriguing. See if you can find creative ways to reflect something beautiful. The manufacturer wrote that it can be used as a trellis, so this might make a great Feng Shui Mirror Garden addition.

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