Feng Shui Metal Element

Feng Shui Metal Element

Of The Five Elements, The Feng Shui Metal Element
can be identified in your home or office as:

  • Anything made of gold, copper, silver, brass, etc.
  • Items made of stone, rock, marble, natural crystals
  • Sculptures, gates, fences, ironwork, windchimes
  • Items in white, pastel and metallic colors
  • Items are circular, spherical, round

Metal Feng Shui Golden Dragon Fish

Feng Shui Metal Element

Feng Shui
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Metal Element Attributes

  • Represented in The Creativity and Children Gua, influencing your communications, creativity and additionally, your relationships with your children

  • Feng Shui Element Balance is represented by equal amounts of creativity and quiet, peaceful relaxation, business and financial success

  • Too much Metal can cause anxiety and unrest, emotional outbreaks, and an unbending, judgmental attitude

(Almost) All Metal Kitchen
Metal Cabinets and Appliances
White is a Metal Color, too

To bring Feng Shui 5 Elements Balance to an area with too much metal, add items made of Fire,

Fire heats and melts, controlling settings that are too heavy on metal........

Balance with Fire

  • Too little Metal can create lack of focus for your projects, and unclear thinking leading to poor communications with others
  • To bring The Five Elements Balance to an area with too little Metal, add items made of Earth as

    Earth produces Metal.......

Feng Shui Earth Element

Balance with Earth

The Metal Element or The Earth Element?

Some Feng Shui practitioners consider natural crystals to be associated with The Metal Element while others say that they are form in the ground and are The Earth Element

Natural Crystals

  • Organic minerals carrying an energy charge (frequency)
  • Catalysts for human consciousness, radiating intentions
  • Energy activators or generators
  • Powerful, must be cleaned and treated with respect
  • Place on shelves, tables or room center to activate Chi
  • Place away from mirrors and wind chimes to prevent energy imbalances

  • For more on Feng Shui Crystals.......

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