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Happy New Year 2015!

The New Year is the time to create a "Feng Shui Map"
We notice that many Feng-Shui-Vibes site visitors arrive here though the key words "Feng Shui Map".

While site visitors may be looking for "Feng Shui Bagua Map", we know that most people who have an interest in Feng Shui really desire to manifest something special for themselves. Many times, people would like to have more money (wealth and income), a new or improved love life and better health.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes can be placed in the Fame Gua of the Bagua to strengthen focus on the desire for recognition.

What do you want to be famous for?

A Treasure Map with a Feng Shui Twist

After spending many years studying various manifestation techniques, we have found that one of the most effective ways to create a heart's desire is through developing a personal Treasure Map.

A Treasure Map, a variation on the Vision Board, displays visual images of a wish, planting the goal in the conscious and subconscious.

Know what you want
and Take Responsibility for It

Your Feng Shui Map brings opportunities for new beginnings.

To begin creating your Personal Treasure Map, think carefully about what it is that you REALLY want. Since this technique can be so effective, do not put anything on your board that is a wishy-washy desire.

Since you are creating in this process, you must be willing to take responsibility for your manifestation. You will own the results of your intentional creation when it appears in physical form, and to un-do it may be difficult.

So, be sure that what you place on your Treasure Map is something very important to you, and will uplift yourself and others.

Place Yourself on Your Feng Shui Map

Get a blank poster board or any board that you can place in an areas where you will see it most of the time. We have even used the front door of our refrigerator as a creation tool, placing photos of items we would like to have on it with tape or magnets.

When using a board of any kind for creation purposes, be sure and place a photo of yourself in the middle of it. If you do not have a picture of yourself, simply write your name in a prominent middle spot. It's important to see yourself as the centerpiece of the process.

The Feng Shui Bagua Map
as a Guideline

Since The Bagua Map represents all the "aspects of man", you might use it as a guideline for creating your Treasure Map. It will prompt you to think about your desires in terms of Wealth, Love & Relationships, Health, Fame, Family, Creativity, Career and Spiritual goals

Click here for a view of The Bagua Map

Feng Shui for Wealth

Cut out pictures or take photos of whatever it is that represents your Heart's Desire. Paste or tape the images on your Treasure Map.

The Feng Shui Money Toad
or Feng Shui Money Frog

So far, you've engaged the visual part of your creation - you can see your goals on your personal board.

Now, choose physical items that you can place in your environment that will reinforce your goals. You can see and touch something that is representative of what you wish to create, giving the process even more power.

You might put a dollar in a glass bowl, paint a dollar sign on a piece of paper to hang above your desk, or place anything that represents wealth to you - as long as you can see and touch your reminder of your desired goal. Be as specific as you can so that you will have a clear image of your intention.

Wealth & Income for your Treasure Map

A New Career or Job?

As the color of of The Career Gua is blue or black, The Blue glass diamond-cut crystal is a good reminder that your Career Goals are important to you.

Career Gua ideas
for your Treasure Map

Attract a New Love
Strengthen a Relationship

If you would like to improve an existing love relationship, receive a marriage proposal, or find a new mate, place an image of your desire on your Treasure Map.

Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks represent the closeness of "pairs".

Then place an object of your wish in The Love & Relationship Gua of your home or bedroom, or somewhere that you will remind you of your important goal.

Love & Relationships Gua
for your Treasure Map

Create your Feng Shui Treasure Map Today!

Be sure to set clear goals, create your Personal Teasure Map, and set something in your surroundings that reminds you of your intention to manifest your desire.

Then, do you best to make it happen. The trick is to remember that you are in control of your own path, so focus on your creations with focused intention.

Remember to be grateful for the result, even if it doesn't show up exactly as you had planned. Given time, you may be able to look back and see that what you requested turned out better than what you created in your limited imagination.

Always be grateful! When one Feng Shui Map, your personal Treasure Map, has been completed, start another Feng Shui Map right away. There is no maximum to your ability to bring your vision into reality.

Reinforce the desires on your Feng Shui Map by placing physical objects where you can visually connect with your goals every da. Set up your surroundings using Feng Shui techniques, and watch as your dreams come alive!

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