Feng Shui Love & Marriage Tips

Feng Shui Love

  • For Feng Shui Love, remove family photos from your master bedroom, but keep pictures of the happy couple visible
  • Remove all Items from Past Relationships
  • Avoid sleeping in a Single Bed
  • Place matching Nightstands and Lamps on Both Sides of Bed
  • Display Sensual Artwork - Soft Paintings and Couples Embracing Sculptures
  • All Single, Forlorn Women Art Has to Go!

  • Use Aromatherapy to set the Mood
  • Play Soft Music, and Think Lovely Thoughts
  • Practice Feng Shui Romance for a wonderful,
    loving relationship

Hang a Feng Shui Crystal Pair by The Bed
Activates Romance

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True Story

A client really wanted a mate. She asked for a Feng Shui consultation for her home, and we talked about how important it was for her to visualize her ideal companion. She agreed, and in order to help with a visual reminder of her desire, I suggested that she create a "Man Drawer" in her bedroom dresser.

My client shopped for a plush terry cloth robe in a large size along with men's cotton pajamas. She placed the items in her dresser drawer and made a point of opening the drawer every day for a reminder look.

Within just a few weeks, she called to tell us that a very special man had come into her life!

The point is

Applying Feng Shui and Romance Tips and Techniques to your living or working surroundings sets up physical reminders of your desired outcomes. Take the time to place items around you that tell your subconscious and conscious mind that you already have attained your ideal goal. It's a powerful, subtle way to materialize your dreams.

A Dragon-Headed Turtle with red Ribbon will come to your rescue if your relationships are a bit stagnant and you want them to develop or if you haven’t got a partner at the moment. He can help top accumulate long-lasting dynamic one to one relationships and new beginnings

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