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The Feng Shui Living Room

The Feng Shui Living Room, Den or Family Room is regarded as a public gathering room in your home. Because family and friends interact together in these rooms, the areas are considered to represent The Fire Element and Yang Energy.

Here are a few items to review when you would like to harmonize and balance your gathering rooms:

  • Most Western living rooms have a rectangular shape
  • Pay attention to Chi Flow: Is the furniturearranged so that there is a clear well-lit pathway through the room?

    Chi likes to flow in a steady, smooth direction that is unobstructed by over-crowded conditions and clutter

  • Soften the Yang Energy with comfortable, over-sized chairsand couches in rich, beautiful earth colors
  • Include artwork, pillows and plants to bring Yin Energy into the room

  • Arrange furniture to stimulate conversation. A circular arrangement or furniture grouping around the fireplace can be ideal to bring family and friends together
  • Round corners on coffee and end tables are best, as sharp edges can deflect smooth Chi Flow or injure people as they walk by

  • Hide TV's and all electronic equipment inside cabinets when not in use - or at least cover with a screen or decorative cloth
  • The "Honored Guest" chair - the chair that you offer to your honored family member or guest should face the main door of the room
  • As much as possible, bring beautiful outdoor scenery inside through clean, unobstructed windows and glass doors
  • Reflect paintings or outdoor scenery with well-placed mirrors that magnify beauty and project it out into the room. Make sure that mirrors are hung in the best spot to reflect your full image. Don't hang a mirror so that the tops of heads are not visible
  • Do not place seating furniture below overhead beams. Beams can be oppressive so if they are too dark, paint beams a lighter color or blend into the ceiling with the same color

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