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Feng Shui Living Cures are simple, yet some of the most important cures that you can invite into your surroundings.

Feng Shui Living Cures include plants, animals and even people who bring comfort and energy into your life. Just as older people are revived with the companionship of pets, all of us feel better and interact with every day life when we have something living around us.

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In Feng Shui, all living beings are represented by The Fire Element of The Feng Shui 5 Elements. Fire Energy can be brought into a space by adding more human and animal activity or healthy plant life.

Flowers & Plants

Bamboo is considered to be the most representative plant in Feng Shui of strength, flexibility and the assurance of a healthy future.

The Bamboo Plant represents Good Fortune, and is one of the most effective of the Feng Shui Living Cures for any room of your home or business. Bamboo Plants love the humidity in bathroom or the kitchen window sill above the sink.

And, place a Bamboo Plant in your entrance to usher in the vital Chi Energy that energizes your home or office.

Jade and Money plants are symbols of wealth, as rounded leaves in the shape of coins remind us of money. We have seen Money plants turned into Money Trees with dollar bills secured to the branches.

Dried flowers are dead, and in most cases should not be kept on display.

True Story

In most cases, dried flowers and artificial plants are thought to bring negative energy into a space. Since they are not living, they lack the vibrancy that fresh, beautiful plants provide.

As a Feng Shui Consultant, I found an exception to this well-known Feng Shui guideline. In our Feng Shui training class, we were told a story about a Feng Shui client who had a bouquet of dried flowers that she displayed proudly in her bedroom. When we discussed the general Feng Shui rule of removing all nonliving items that had once been alive, we were told that the client said that the bouquet meant love to her.

Her husband had given the flowers to her on her 16th birthday, and she saw only happiness when she looked at the dried bouquet.

The point is........

While Feng Shui Living Cures can uplift and change your life though making changes in your surroundings, there are exceptions to every principle.

The dried flowers represented a positive experience to the client in the story, and she was advised to keep them close at hand for her daily enjoyment.

Animals & People

The best Feng Shui Living Cures are the people and animals or pets that bring activity into your environment.

Pictures and photos of family and friends can be uplifting, if they remind you of good memories. Remove reminders of negativity, but not sentimentality. Keeping a painting of a stern, distant relative on your living room wall is not good Feng Shui, if it doesn't have a positive meaning for you.

When you love something or someone, then proudly display what is important to you as the effect is uplifting to your psyche. Just one caveat - if you share a bedroom with your partner, it's better to keep photos of just the two of you in your personal space. Family photos should be displayed in the living areas of your home.

Animals bring good energy into your surroundings. Feng Shui Hen A great wealth energizer, the beautiful bronze hen attracts good fortune. With intention, the hen represents fertility and new beginnings.

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Feng Shui Horse

The Horse is a Yang symbol that represents strength, speed and the perseverance to race to the finish line of Victory!

Victory Horse for Children's Room

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