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The Feng Shui Kitchen

Hang crystal from ceiling between stove and sink

The Feng Shui Kitchen, by purpose and intended function, is ruled by The Fire Element. All of the cooking or baking for the family takes place here, and “fire” or heat is required to accomplish these tasks. In Feng shui, the kitchen is a very special room, as it represents Wealth & Prosperity for those who live in the home.

In the photo on the left, hang a 30mm crystal securely from the ceiling in the center of the kitchen between the sink (water element) and the stove (fire element) to harmonize the room's energy by balancing opposing elements positioned directly across from each other.

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Feng Shui Kitchen basic tips:

  • This important space is where the family meals are prepared, and thus represents the abundance of having food available for good nutrition and health
  • Your cooking stove represents wealth and should be kept clean and in good working order
  • This room should be light and bright with cheerful colors and no dark corners
  • Your stove represents the family wealth. Use all the burners and keep them in good repair

Feng Shui Mirror Placement

in The Feng Shui Kitchen

  • Enlarge a small area by using a mirror to increase wealth; if the kitchen is very small, wealth may be constricted
  • If the cook’s back is positioned so that he or she can’t directly see the door leading into the room, then place a mirror above the stove
  • Placing a small mirror above the stove will serve to magnify wealth
  • if the sink and the stove are directly across from each other, place a small mirror on the front of the stove to break the conflicted energy from The Fire and Water Elements

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The Kitchen and The 5 Elements

The Kitchen is dominated by The Fire Element as represented in the cooking range, microwave and oven.

Many Feng Shui consultants consider the Kitchen as the most important room in the house. Because The Fire Element is dominant in the kitchen by nature of its intention - to heat and cook our food, it is highly advisable to focus on balancing The Five Elements here.

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Feng Shui Fire Element

Notice that this Feng Shui Kitchen is elementally balanced with:

  • The Metal Element is represented in the stainless steel stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and sink

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  • The Water Element is represented in sink and black counter tops

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  • The Wood Element is represented in the light wood cabinets

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  • The Earth Element is present in the painted yellow walls

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  • The Fire Element is represented in a lesser amount by e red accent items included in the painting in the counter corner and the red dishes.

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Feng Shui Vibes Visitor Question

"I am going to redesign my kitchen because it doesn't "work " right for me the way it is now. Can I line up my sink and stove on the same side? What would I need to do to make that work . Currently they are exactly opposite each other and I cook with my back to the window I have a long kitchen with a door at both ends."T.D. in Atlanta

Feng Shui Kitchen Recommendation

It sounds like you have a "galley" kitchen where the counters are facing each other.

In a galley-style kitchen, the Chi energy can rush through the aisle, in and out of the kitchen in a hurry. The goal is to slow the Chi down so that it lingers longer in this very important room in your home. As you may know, the kitchen provides nourishment and support for you and your family, so it is considered to be the most centralized, abundant room in your home. Preparation of food in a loving, nurturing atmosphere provides all family members with a sense of security and prosperity.

That said, you can slow down Chi in a galley kitchen by placing a beautiful hanging light fixture from the ceiling. Plants along your window sill work well to soften the energy in the room.

The ideal kitchen arrangement places the stove, refrigerator and sink in a triangular position. The stove represent the Fire Element, and the refrigerator and sink represent the Water Element so it is best to have some distance between them. The Fire Element and Water Element are conflicting elements.

Since you are redesigning your kitchen, you could put the sink and stove on the same side, but please place something between them, such as a wooden cutting board; otherwise, you will have the two opposing elements side-by-side.

The best position for the stove is one that lets the cook see the kitchen's entrance door. With your current kitchen arrangement, it sounds like you are able to see both doors while you are cooking.

If you are limited in how you can rearrange your kitchen, consider keeping your current layout in place and add items to slow the Chi down. Again, a hanging light fixture, plants in the window, beautiful shades on the window and a practical, easy-to-clean rug between the sink counter and stove counter might work well for you, if you decide to keep them in their current positions.

As always, in Feng Shui decorating, the most important support that you can get from your kitchen (the family hearth), is an arrangement that makes you feel comfortable while you are providing for yourself, family and friends.

More Kitchen Feng Shui Tips........

  • The sink and the stove should not be side-by-side, as The Water Element and The Fire Element work against each other. Place a wooden cutting board or wood table between the stove and the sink to separate the two opposing Elements
  • Keep your work area clutter-free and store knives inside drawers
  • Clean all cupboards and appliances, both inside and outside; throw away out-dated packaged food
  • If possible, keep trash and recycling bins out of view, as their appearance in an eating area is not pleasant
  • If you have multiple doorways leading into your kitchen, Chi Flow may rush through one door and out another very quickly. The goal is to encourage Chi Flow to slow down as it enters the area, but not to stagnate due to clutter or obstructions.
  • Hang a 40mm multi-faceted crystal in the center of the room to ensure that the Chi Flow is smooth and regulated.

Just for Fun in your Feng Shui Kitchen
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Clutter in the Feng Shui Kitchen

The kitchen can be a natural place for clutter to accumulate. We have a friend who is an energy worker and specializes in helping clients with nutritional healing. She said that when her clients say that there isn't a place for juicing and preparing healing foods, she pays a visit to their kitchen.

Usually, our friend finds cluttered kitchen counter tops. Too many appliances that take up too much counter space can squeeze your kitchen workspace and even zap your creativity.

Clearing clutter in your kitchen can include discarding old pots and pans, throwing away newspapers and old mail that has been placed on counter tops, and cleaning out old empty trash bags.

Focus on creating a positive, loving and supportive kitchen that invites good Chi into your active, Yang energy kitchen.

Now popular as a gathering space, your Feng Shui Kitchen is the room that should be a place of warmth and comfort for you and your family, as it is the hearth of the home.

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