Feng Shui Holidays
Yin Yang and The 5 Elements

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Enjoy the Season with Feng Shui Holidays this year. Now is the very best time to experience all 5 of our human senses! The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of The Season can be Yin & Yang with bright lights, slow glows, clanging and jingle bells, the stickiness of a pine tree and the softness of satin, and the taste of Christmas cookies.

Open your home, office and heart to enjoy this beautiful Season with all those who cross your path. Make your home and business surroundings enchanting for everyone with Feng Shui Holidays delights.

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Balance your surroundings by bringing in all The Feng Shui 5 Elements:

  • The Fire Element - Inside and outside colored lights, candles and a glowing fireplace, red poinsettias
  • The Water Element - Decorative bowls filled with water and floating candles

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  • The Metal Element - White, gold and silver ornament balls, silver bells, gold trimmings

  • The Wood Element - A wreath made of real pine needles and pine cones, fire place wood, a Christmas tree
  • The Earth Element - Holiday plants in clay pots

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Gift Suggestion: Feng Shui Mirrors are a powerful and versatile Feng Shui Cure. Place a mirror to absorb good energy from pleasant surroundings, or push negative energy away from areas that need to be uplifted.

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Feng Shui Gifts

Feng Shui Gifts

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Feng Shui Holidays
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Attracting New Year's Blessings
and Good Fortune

Everyone is busy during the Holiday season, and yet it is a time filled with opportunities for introspection and renewal. As we attend parties with business associates, spend extra time with family and friends, we seem to be more aware of our life circumstances than during any other time of the year. Using Feng Shui principles, we can consciously assess where we have been during the past year and apply some inexpensive, easy changes to set the tone for a prosperous new year.

Most people don't realize that their surroundings reveal much about who they are. A good Feng Shui consultant can determine your life's focus and priorities though examination of your personal environment. Yet, we have to ability to change our lives through our thoughts, words and actions. A subtle, but powerful way to keep our thoughts at the highest level is to ensure that our physical experience is both stimulating and nurturing. Take time this year, as you conduct your personal life review, to set up your home or office to be supportive of your new goals.

In Feng Shui, The Bagua Map is a tool used for assessing your life. It looks like either a 9-square tic-tac-toe board (The Magic Square) or an octagon (8-sided rounded figure) labeled with the important Life Areas. You should be able to find a Bagua picture easily in a basic Feng Shui book, or review The Bagua Map section of this website,

Feng Shui Bagua Map

The important point is to look into each part of your life to learn not only where you are, but to set up intentions, focusing on your dreams.

You can begin by looking at The Career or Life Journey Gua of The Bagua as it applies to your home, property, office or even a room:

Feng Shui Bagua Map - Life Areas

To symbolically represent your career intentions for the New Year, place objects in your environment that will be supportive of your professional goals. For example, if you want to support your current work or to make a career change, add items to the Career section of your home that reflect your desires. Remove anything from your surroundings that might subconsciously keep you from moving ahead or staying stuck in the past.

The Knowledge Gua is concerned with insight, and self-cultivation. The Family Gua area focuses on your relationships with your friends and relatives. In business, it includes your work group. In The Wealth Gua area of your home, place items that demonstrate your commitment to not only financial gain but to abundance in all aspects of your life. The Fame area represents the importance of your reputation. Enhance what you want to be known for here with reminders of your achievements and aspirations.

The Marriage/Partnership Gua area can be enhanced with symbols of two in order to emphasize the need for good relationships. A pair of anything meaningful to you will work, e.g. two candles, photos of two, etc.

The Children/Creativity Gua area focuses on children as well as our own playful, creative side. In The Helpful People Gua, set up physical reminders of those who help your in life. The Feng Shui Octagon puts Health in the center to draw attention to the importance of knowing that your health affects all parts of your life.

So, start with a clean slate by removing clutter and negativity that keeps you tied to the past. Retain or add only those items that support your highest goals. May Good Fortune and Blessings find you in the Holidays and coming New Year!

This article appeared in a December issue of Natural Awakenings Healthy Living Publication.

Happy Feng Shui Holidays!

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