Feng Shui Health Tips for the Practitioner

Feng Shui Health for Your Healing Practice

After consulting with many Healthcare and Healer Practitioners, we put together a list of considerations for professionals on how to apply Feng Shui principles to their work or office spaces.

Your Healing Practice can prosper when you intentionally set up a nuturing environment for your clients. By creating a comforting experience for them, you set up the potential for a mutually rewarding Giving and Receiving exchange.

Setting Up the Feng Shui Health Environment

Feng Shui Health

Begin with Clutter Clearing for The Practitioner

  • Clutter is the “Glue” that binds us to the Past
  • Clutter represents subconscious fear of change
  • Clearing Clutter releases old energy from the body

Space Clearing – the Feng Shui art of cleansing Spaces

  • Removes Predecessor and Negative Energies
  • Regular Space clearing can prevent “burn out”
  • Creates a Sacred Space for clients to heal
  • Clears the path for channeling Universal Energies
  • Clears out energies discharged during Healing
  • I recommend burning White Sage for an effective Space Clearing

Create a Professional Atmosphere

  • Inviting Entrance (The important Mouth of Chi)
  • Spotless furnishings and equipment in good repair
  • Efficient scheduling and communications

Supporting Your Clients with Feng Shui Health Safety, Beauty & Comfort

  • Create a very safe place for your clients to heal
  • Keep the surroundings simple and uncluttered
  • Ensure all your equipment, seating and tables are in good condition
  • Engage the 5 Senses, as appropriate
  • Use Subdued lighting
  • Play soothing music
  • Include moving water (fountains and aquariums)
  • Use aromatherapy, scented candles or incense
  • Decorate with muted colors
  • Incorporate soft fabrics, patterns and textures
  • Have fresh, filtered water available for drinking
  • Place fresh flowers and green plants throughout your healing space

Enhance The Entrance to your Healing Space

  • “The Mouth of Chi” invites in good energy for the business to thrive
  • Gives clients that critical “first impression”
  • Doorways should be unobstructed; nothing behind doors
  • Decorate with wreaths, wind chimes and “eye catchers”
  • Place “greeters” on both sides of the front door – matching planters, vases or sculptures

Update Your Reception Area

  • Create a professional look: Organized and Clutter-Free
  • Focus on a “Yin” Feel – Comforting, Safe, Low Activity
  • Use elemental Objects & Colors to Nourish the Energy and keep you, the Practioner Well-Balanced
  • Use fans, green plants and water features to stimulate Chi Flow
  • Create a calm atmosphere with larger, slow moving fish in a well-maintained aquarium – great for health practices
  • Know that mirrors are active energy so use sparingly – never directly across from the front door

Your Treatment Room

  • If home-based, use a separate, dedicated room
  • Never sleep in the same room where clients are treated
  • Clear discharged energies from healings regularly
  • Should be more “Yin” than the Reception Area
  • Engage all 5 Senses in a soothing manner
  • Circulate fresh air with a quiet fan or air purifier

Focus on Your Business

  • Emphasize the Career Area of your home and business
  • Creating Harmony and Balance in your own home is critical
  • Place objects related to the life journey in the Career Area

Work with the Water Element in Your Healing Space

  • Water is soothing and nourishing and represented by undulating shapes
  • Water Color: Black
  • Water Element Objects are Mirrors, anything glass, paintings with water scenes, fountains, an aquarium

Enhance with the Metal Element

  • The Water Element is enhanced with The Metal Element
  • The Metal Element is represented by Round or Oval shapes
  • Metal Colors: White and Metal Colors (gold, silver)

"The greatest wealth is health"


Applying The Feng Shui Bagua Tool
Attract Helpful People, Fame, and Good Health to your Practice

1. Evaluate your Helpful People Gua – Allow People to help you

Review The Feng Shui Bagua Map - Helpful People Gua

  • Emphasize the Water Element (Metal is good too)in your Practice Space
  • The Helpful People Gua Color is Gray
  • The Gua Objects are Bells, Silver Box for requests, Spiritual Symbols, Helping Hands, Travel Posters
  • Remove clutter and trash, open drains, broken items, reminders of difficult people or times

2. Fame and Reputation Gua – increase and improve business

Review The Feng Shui Bagua Map - Fame & Reputation Gua

  • Focus on The Fire Element and the color Red
  • Include items in the Shape of Triangles, Cones and Pyramids
  • Objects: Anything animal – leather, wool, animal prints or pictures (animals that symbolize you), red candles, red flowers, recognition awards, plaques
3. Emphasize the Health Gua of the Bagua Map

  • In this Gua or Life Area of the Bagua Map, focus on adding items that represent the Wood Element such as green plants, wood objects and column shapes
  • Place photos or pictures of Families and Friends interacting in positive situations on the walls
  • Add items in floral patterns or stripes to make the space cozy and inviting
For a look at Feng Shui Health Tips for your home and office, click on Feng Shui Health and Family Gua

Additional Feng Shui Health Tips

  • Place green plants in Bagua Home or Office Center & Your personal bedroom; an Odd # of plants is considered active
  • Best plants are lush & green; Avoid sharp, spiky leaves
  • Use high-quality air and water filters
  • Check EMF levels on appliances; Rule of Thumb: 30" from body
  • Enhance Healing Energy in the bedroom with a wind chime
  • Promote Healing with spiritual symbols having personal meaning
  • Create a personal altar in the Family & Health Gua, Helpful People Gua or Self-Knowledge Gua to give focus to Good Health and Healing
  • Control eating patterns with a crystal (for clarity & balance) over the dining table and the refrigerator
  • Control eating patterns by placing a mirror on the refrigerator door
  • Wear white to lose weight! Suggestion by Professor Lin Yun

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