The Feng Shui Garden

Plant a Beautiful Feng Shui Garden - Bring the Outdoors Inside to You

Flowers and plants placed inside of beautiful vases and pots can serve as reminders of the joy that comes from the new beginnings associated with the beginning of life.

Just as eyes are the windows of the soul, windows are the eyes of the home.

Feng Shui Spaces

Feng Shui Landscaping

  • Bring the outdoors into your home or workplace, wherever possible
  • The view from every window and door affects your relationship with the outside world
  • Your view of the outside should soothe and uplift your spirit
  • Invite Good Chi, the Life Force Energy onto your property
  • Landscaping and outside color have an impact both inside and outside Chi Flow
  • The Front Entrance invites Good Chi to come inside
  • Sanctuary Gardens are powerful Chi attractors
  • For Harmony and Balance, focus on beauty and comfort within your indoor environment and,
  • Surround yourself with beauty and comfort from the outside in!
  • Remember that the outside of your home or workplace forms the Vital First Impression that Chi and human visitors have of your inside environment

Plant a Feng Shui Garden on your property

  • Plant Sanctuary Gardens that respect natural landscape & spirit of the environment
  • Balancing Chi Flow, Yin & Yang, The Five Elements & Color is Key

  • Use the Feng Shui Bagua Map as a placement tool to emphasize Wealth, Fame, Love & Marriage, Children & Creativity, Helpful People & Travel, Career, Self-Cultivation &Knowledge and Family & Health

Balance Chi Flow, The 5 Elements and Yin & Yang

  • Balance Chi Flow, The Five Elements and Ying & Yang
  • - Open and Closed, Dark and Light Spaces

  • The Five Elements outdoor examples
  • - Metal: Furniture, Rock & Stones

    - Wood: All Plants, Deck & Fencing

    - Fire: Lighting, Fireplaces & Barbeques

    - Earth: Brick, Tile & Adobe

    - Water: Fountain, Pools and Ponds

  • Round leaves represent money (Wealth)
  • Bamboo means harmony and a strong future
  • Thorny or scratchy plants deter guests and Good Chi Flow
  • Beautiful, colorful flowers and plants make auspicious spaces
  • Ensure privacy and security with landscaping
  • Plant seasonal and year-round plants, trees and shrubs

Feng Shui Colors in Your Garden

  • Green represents Hope, Growth and Tranquility
  • Red is Auspicious and represents Strength & Warmth
  • Purple is Auspicious and Inspires Respect
  • Yellow or Gold stands for Power
  • Blue represents Hope, New Growth (can be too cold)
  • Blue-Green or Mint is aligned with Nature & Spring
  • Black represents Depth (good) or Lack of Hope depression)
  • Gray can be associated with Hopelessness or Balance
  • Brown gives a Heavy Feeling or Stability (Depth)
  • Orange: Happiness and Power
  • Pink: Love, Joy, Happiness and Romance
  • Peach: Good Luck for Singles, Infidelity for Couples

Feng Shui Garden Design with Danna Cain

Bring The Water Element into your Garden.......

Feng Shui Garden

We found this delightful Flowering Fountain in the garden of The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The Water, Wood and Earth Elements are all represented in this clever use of a bird bath planted with a beautiful flowing green vine.

Bamboo Inspiration Bamboo Inspiration is a web site that promotes the versatility of bamboo and its uses around the world as an increasingly popular environmentally friendly renewable resource.

Healthy Bamboo Plants for your Indoor Gardens
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The "good fortune" bamboo plant is ideal to place
at the entrance of your house or business

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