Feng Shui Garden Landscape

Feng Shui Garden Landscape Design gives a creator the opportunity to bring the same balance and harmony to the outside of a home or business as on the inside of a building. Bring the Outdoors into your Indoor surroundings to encourage uninterrupted good Chi Flow!

Feng Shui Garden Landscape Design Tips

  • Clear all clutter on your property as it stagnates Good Chi Flow
  • Remove all drab and dying vegetation from your Feng Shui Garden
  • Add any items that represent fire, such as stoves, fireplaces, ovens, lamps, lighting, and candles
  • Include paintings, photos or posters of anything fiery, including dominant red colors in outdoor areas
  • Install statues and images of people and animals or anything that is very active
  • Include items in red and hot pink colors
  • Add items that are pyramid, angular, pointed or triangular in shape
  • Introduce water features: Ponds, Pools, Fountains & Bird Baths

Originally placed in gardens to scare away deer and live boars!
Place a beautiful, clacking water feature in a spot where you can enjoy the soothing sound.

Streets, Driveways and Entrances

  • Streets are the Waterways of Chi (slow lanes or raging highways): landscape your property to regulate Chi Flow
  • Driveways bring Chi onto your property
  • Pathways bring Chi to doorways
  • Straight paths may encourage too fast Chi Flow
  • Curved or meandering paths encourage Good Chi Flow
  • Place Greeters at the driveway or front door as sentinels on each side to turn away negative energy. Example: two planters with beautiful flowers make excellent Greeters

Flowers and Plants

Nothing is more uplifting than flowers and plants placed inside your home and around the outside of your property. In fact, bringing the view of the lush prosperity of green plants, trees and colorful flowers into your home or office through sparkling clean windows is a wonderful way to bring more vibrancy into your life.

Most plants and flowers represent The Wood Element. Read the page on Feng Shui GardenDesign with Danna Cain to learn about how to use garden colors to activate The Five Elementsin your garden and yard.

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