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Feng Shui Garage
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Your Feng Shui garage and storage spaces are considered to be rooms in your home and are as important as any other.

Are you up for the challenge of looking objectively at your garage? Do you park your car inside or outside in the street because your garage is too full?

Ideally, the garage should be considered a “car room” and not a place to keep junk. While it can be necessary to store lawn tools or cleaning materials, each piece should be placed neatly on wall hangers or shelving. Now, everyone knows that the garage should be available for parking a valuable automobile, and that itmakes no sense to keep clutter warm and dry – but sometimes things just seem to accumulate. I have been on Feng Shui consultations where my clients did not want me to tour their garage due to the high degree of chaos inside.

Feng Shui Spaces

Let’s say that you’ve cleaned enough space to park you car inside your Feng Shui garage. Since it’s the first room you enter when you return home or the last room you’re in just before you leave, you have an opportunity to use your immediate surroundings to your benefit. I write my life’s purpose or personal affirmationson an erasable white board that’s placed in front of my parked car so that I see it when I leave or return home each day. It’s an uplifting message that goes with me as I go out into the world and come back to my family, reminding me to bless everyone I meet that day.

When I was driving to work every day in Atlanta traffic, just this one change made in my garage was so powerful that I stopped growling at other motorists on my way into work each morning and began blessing everyone on the road. Most days, I would arrive at work feeling good instead of exhausted from battling the day’s driving conditions. Upon returning home in the evening, that simple sign with my life’s purpose on it, reminded me of where my focus should be as I entered my home for the evening’s rest and relaxation. It reminded me that I was not my job, and that it was time to spend with Candace.

Other helpful ideas to change the energy in the garage include: paint the walls with a color that pleases you, display posters or pictures that remind you of joyful or relaxing activities, and place an attractive screen in front of the trash bin. Adding asmall table fountain or hanging 40 mm crystals in corners encourages Chi or energy flow in stagnant spaces.

A room that is your first or last contact with your personalhome environment should be considered important, so clean out the old clutter and make it your creative “car room” today!

In your Feng shui Garage or Storage Areas, organize with new shelving and racks for tools. Move Chi by hanging crystals or mobileswrite down your heart’s desire wish list on a piece of paper that you place underneath a small table fountain.

Paint and decorate walls in this room just for fun (example, I painted one garage wall a dark sky blue color and then added glow-in-the dark stars to the wall so that we had shiny specs of light blinking at us when we entered our newly created “car room”)

Let your garage (or basement) be one the Feng Shui rooms where you can have creative fun making changes. Use your imagination to spark an unexpected uplifting environment.

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