Feng Shui for Wealth
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Feng Shui for Wealth and Prosperity! Consider a change of mind as we move into a new world where wealth and prosperity are defined as working with and helping people - rather than profiting at the expense of others.

The I Ching advises, "slow, honest, steady accumulation of Wealth is the best path for securing present and future happiness"

Feng Shui for Wealth & Prosperity is represented in the Feng Shui Bagua through Self-Knowledge, Good Friends, Deep Relationships, Helpful People, Meaningful Career, Personal Creativity, Solid Intentions for a Good Reputation - and the willingness for Centered Balance.

  • Remove Energy from Previous Occupants to ensure that negativity eliminated from your property
  • A Must Do: Clear Clutter!
  • Focus on the Entrance to Your Home or Building to Welcome Chi
  • Emphasize balancing Yin & Yang and The Five Elements - include The Powerful Fire Element

Bagua Map Wealth Gua

Feng Shui for Wealth & Properity in The Wealth Gua of your home and office as well as within each Wealth Gua of each inside room. Include your garage, basement, storages area and garden

The Bagua Wealth & Prosperity Gua

  • Enhance Chi Flow by purposefully arranging your Furniture and Objects

    - If your space is too Wide Open, Chi and money will flow by and away too quickly

    - If your space is Cluttered and too Tight, the Chi and your money flow may be restricted and contract

Austrian Amethyst Quartz 100mm
for The Wealth & Prosperity Areas

Place the 100mm Amethyst Crystal Ball in the Feng Shui Wealth Corner of your home or office - the Life Area corresponding to The Bagua Map, Wealth & Prosperity Gua - with the intention of attracting abundance.

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The Kitchen is The Wealth Room

  • Your Kitchen is considered to be the most important room in your home, as it represents Nourishment and Family Support
  • The Fire Element rules the Kitchen
  • Enlarge a Small Kitchen with a Mirror (if kitchen is very small, Money may be tight
  • Clean your Stove and rotate the burners (stove & burners represent Wealth)
  • Place a Mirror behind the Stove if the kitchen entrance door is behind the Cook's back. The cook should be able to see anyone coming into the room
  • Relocate the trash bin if its current location is in your Kitchen's Wealth Corner

For more ideas on How to Feng Shui your Kitchen.......

The Water Rooms
Bathrooms and Laundry

  • The Water Element rules the Bathroom. By functional design,plumbing pipes and fixtures bring clean water into and drain refuse water from bathrooms and laundries
  • Water represents the flow of Wealth
  • Flushing Water down Drains can Flush Away Wealth
  • Close Drains: Toilet Lids, Shower & Bathtub Drains
  • Screen Direct View of Toilet from Bathroom Door
  • Keep Bathroom Door Closed
  • Fix all Plumbing Leaks
  • Focus on adding Luxury: Plush Towels, Candles, Crystals, Pleasant Scents

Laundry Room

  • Keep Washing Machine Lid Closed
  • Check Washing Machine Hoses and Fix Plumbing Leaks
  • Keep Laundry Room Door Closed

For more ideas on
How to Feng Shui your Bathrooms and Laundry Room.......

Feng Shui for Abundance & Wealth

Wealth & Prosperity
Area Enhancements

My favorite Feng Shui for Wealth advice for adding abundance reminders to your Home or Office:

  • Create a Vision Board as soon as possible. Find photos and magazine pictures of situations that you would like to manifest. Buy a poster board and tape images of anything that give you a feeling of prosperity on your new Vision Board. A photo of your red sports car goes here.
  • Water represents the Wealth Element. Be sure and include a fountain or aquarium in your living room or entrance to your home
  • Install fountains around the outside of your home or office and position the spout to flow toward the building. As wealth is represented in flowing water, point the spout inward to bring prosperity into your personal surroundings
  • Enliven your Wealth Gua with are reds, blues and purples
  • Place reminders of luxury around your home or office. Items can be small and don't have to be expensive. For example, treat yourself to plush cotton bath towels or silky pajamas.
  • Make a beautiful and special "prosperity" bow to keep $20 or $100 bills in along with a check made out to yourself for the amount of money that you would like to have in your bank account
  • Hang items that move with a soft breeze, such as colorful mobiles or wind socks. Wind chimes that make gentle tingling sounds bring in supportive Chi Flow
  • Plant healthy green plants in colorful pots, and grow red, blue or purple flowers and plants in your garden
  • Display items that personally symbolize Wealth & Prosperity for you and your family. Candace displays her emerald earrings on a shelf of glittery items that remind her of abundance
  • If Wealth & Prosperity is a key issue for you, be sure to enhance the Wealth & Prosperity Bagua for the house and in each separate room, then continue to extend outward to decks and gardens

For more information on The Wealth Gua, click on this link .......

Feng Shui for Wealth & Prosperity Bagua Map for additional Feng Shui for Wealth advice on how to create an environment in your Home or your office that promotes your Abundant Lifestyle.

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