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Get Ready for a Successful School Year!

It's time to think about getting your student back into the energy of academics and creativity. There are important changes you can make in the environment to support the returning student, whether it is a child returning to the new school year, a parent returning to school to expand their education, or a college student going off to their new college dorm.

A good nights sleep is the key to health and good grades. The Chinese have often said, sleep is the most important ingredient for good health, and health is wealth. The better rest we have, the more energy we can exert for mental and physical activities. Be sure to position the head of the bed against a solid wall. That is particularly important with bunk beds that often have open ends that are not giving the head proper support.

If the head of the bunk bed cannot be turned so that the head is against the wall, then be sure to place fabric or something solid at the end behind the head to create a solid closed end to support the head during sleep. If the bed or bunk bed already has a solid headboard then you are good.

One of my client's son had problems sleeping in his bunk bed. The head was not supported by any solid part of the bed, having open railings at each end. This child would wander at night sleeping in the hallway, or in their parent's room. He was once found sleeping in the bathtub! When the mother turned the bed to have her son's head properly supported against the wall, he was able to sleep well in his own bed.

Colors of the room are very important. Be sure to avoid red, purple, burgundy, or black walls. The color is too intense and may cause irritability and agitation. A study was done on prisoners who were placed in a vivid pink room. For the first 20 minutes they became calm, after that they became extremely agitated.

The best colors are in shades of pastels. Using the child's favorite colors are fine as long as the color is in a pastel shade. Green stimulates learning, especially when the creative energy is visiting in that area. From February 5, 2008 through February 4, 2009, those who have been occupying the Northeast part of the home, may have seen an increase in academics and/or creativity. This energy also increases creative writing and travel.

Open shelves are very distractive. The horizontal lines of the shelves create energy coming directly at anyone sleeping or studying directly across from the open shelves. It is best to have doors covering the shelves reducing a feeling of clutter and distraction. Book covers and game boxes are often so colorful that they create too much energy in a room when stacked on open shelves. It is best to place books and games in drawers or behind closed doors.

If you want to have easy access for your child to use their books and games, then you may want to purchase the plastic stacking containers. You can get these containers in solid or frosted white, or clear. If the containers are in closets they are much easier to identify the contents if the containers are clear. If you keep the container on the floor or on an open shelf in the room, it would be best to label the contents and use a white or frosted white container reducing distractions in the room.

I often suggest placing books and other items that are used often, be placed near the floor in a night stand below the head of the bed. Also remember to avoid having a mirror at the foot of the bed. This may also interfere with proper sleep. If you do have mirrored closet doors at the foot of the bed, you may want to place a curtain rod above the closet doors and hang sheer panels of soft pastel fabric on the rod so that it can be pulled across the mirrored doors at night.

Regarding clutter is critical to a peaceful environment. It is very important to have order in the room to increase concentration and learning and helps to reduce stress for the occupant. Be sure to avoid placing anything behind the entry door of the room. It is important that the door open completely allowing a wide opening into the room. When a door is blocked from opening completely, it indicates a block in the ability to receive good things coming to the room's occupant. By allowing the door to open and close easily with no interference, it indicates good honest and open communication for the occupant.

When selecting a home it is best to avoid homes that are built with rooms that have angles. Angles increase the potential for arguing. If you are living in a home with lots of angled walls it can be challenging to remedy without major remodeling.

If your child has a desk in their room, be sure to avoid placing the desk against the wall so that the child is positioned in a way that their back is to the door to the room. This compromises the person studying and creates distraction, and interferes with proper study. Never use a mirror on the wall to help the person see who is coming in behind them. The mirror is also a distraction for anyone who needs to concentrate.

Be sure to visit my website and access the button "Free Personality Profile" to determine the best direction for the bed and the best colors that support the individual. Once you know the proper colors then you can select sheets that would be supportive to the person. For example: a girl born in 1970, would have the element of wood as her best supportive element. The colors of wood are green and wood is also supported by water which is represented by the color blue. When you select sheets for this Wood personality type, you would be best to select bed sheets in the color blue or green for best sleep.

Remember to keep electricity at least 3-5 feet away from the sleeper's head. That includes computers, electric alarm clocks, and televisions. Be sure to consider an air filter for the room. It is best to be sure you select one that enhances the filtered air with a flow of negative ions. Ions are charged atoms or molecules. Negative ions attach to airborne particulates and remove them from the flow of air. Negative-ion technology is used extensively in air filtration products in Asia. Particularly in Japan where scientists have long studied the relationship between negative ions in the air and human comfort. Be sure that the filter you choose removes contaminants, and does not create by products such as ozone, which add pollutants to the air.

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