Feng Shui Fire Element

Of The Five Elements, The Feng Shui Fire Element can be identified in your home or office using examples from the following list:

Feng Shui Fire Element

  • Any items such as stoves, fireplaces, ovens, lamps, lighting, and candles
  • Paintings or posters of anything fiery, including predominant red colors
  • Photos, paintings, statues and images of people and animals or anything that is very active
  • Pointed roofs, steeples, and mountains
  • Items in red and hot pink colors
  • Items that are pyramid, angular, pointed or triangular in shape

Fire & Earth Element
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Attributes of The Fire Element

  • Represented in The Fame Gua, and influences your intensity, activity, enthusiasm and passion

  • Feng Shui Elements Balance is represented by equal amounts of activity and relaxation, fair and honorable dealings with others

  • Too much creates nervous, agitated energy and can leave you tired and emotionally drained

  • To bring The 5 Elements Balance to an area with too much Fire, add items made of Water
  • Water extinguishes and controls fire.......

Feng Shui Water Element

Balance with Water

  • Too little can cause sluggishness, lack of ambition, motivation, action and can impact the intellect
  • To bring Five Elements Balance to an area with too little, add items made of The Wood Element

    Wood fuels and causes Fire to spread.......

Feng Shui Wood Element

Balance with Wood

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and The Fire Element.......

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