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Of The Five Elements, The Feng Shui Earth Element can be identified in your home or office from the following list of examples:

  • Any items that represent the earth, such as clay pots, adobe tiles, brick siding and walk ways
  • Materials in clay, terra cotta, adobe, ceramics
  • Paintings or posters of landscapes
  • Items in yellow, orange, brown, tan and natural tone colors
  • Items cubic, rectangular and square in shape

Terra Cotta Horse
Ancient China



  • Represented in The Center Gua, influencing your stability and balance

  • Feng Shui Elements Balance creates grounding that encourages your feelings of connection and confidence, reliability and sympathy for others

  • Too much Earth Element creates a slow, unresponsive attitude that leaves you with decreased ambition and motivation

  • To bring 5 Elements Balance to an area with too much Earth, add items made of Wood

Wood controls Earth by depleting it of vital nutrients.......

Feng Shui Earth

Feng Shui Wood

Balance with Wood

  • Too little Earth Element can create an unwillingness to make changes or the feeling of being "stuck in a rut"
  • To bring The Five Elements Balance, add items made of Fire energy

    Fire creates Earth - think of how Fire burns, leaving ash behind.......

Feng Shui Fire Element

Balance with Fire

Activate the Earth Element
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Purple Crystal Ball for Wealth and Romance

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