Feng Shui Decorating & Chi Flow

Basic Feng Shui Decorating begins with evaluating Chi Flow and Clearing Clutter

Decorating with Feng Shui principles and techniques requires that your space is clear of obstructions. The pathways between rooms and around furniture should allow Chi Flow to move freely, but not too fast or too slow.

Too slow: To promote smooth Chi Flow throughout your home, office or garden spaces, make sure that furniture or objects are well-placed, allowing people and pets to move about freely.

Too fast: A large open space in a room may cause Chi Flow to move too quickly through a space. The classic example that many Feng Shui practitioners use is a large picture window or sliding doors directly across the room from a front door. If there is little furniture in the room, you might feel that all the Chi energy moves from the door and out the window on the opposite side without slowing down long enough to nuture the environment.

A large backyard without trees, plants, walkway or fence allows Chi to hurry through without lingering to balance the Yang energy in the environment. A pathway lined with beautiful plants and flowers leading to an outdoor water feature, such as a birdbath or fountain will slow the good Chi Flow. Chi energy will meander down the path, attracting both human and wildlife visitors.

Just Right: Chi Flow will look and feel like a smooth, steady stream of energy moving through the room or space in a nuturing manner.

CHI Energy is the vital "Life Force Energy" that flows through the Universe:

  • Chi is always Striking a Balance between Yin & Yang, the two Primordial Forces
  • Yin & Yang are Extremes, but Complementary
  • Yin is the Female or Passive Energy - the receptive Earth
  • Yang is the Male or Aggressive Energy - the power of Heaven
  • Chi strives to find a Balance between Yin and Yang
  • Humans are most Comfortable with Balance
  • Place furniture and objects to create a clear, open path so that you encourage unobstructed Chi Flow

For example,

  • Wide Open Spaces (Yang) allows Chi to flow too quickly
  • Cluttered and Tight Spaces (Yin) Restrict Chi flow
  • A Meandering Pathway represents Balance and promotes Steady Chi flow

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How Clutter affects Chi Flow
in Your Surroundings

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. It deals with energy flow and dates back a few thousand years to a time when the Chinese were concerned with placing their homes in a protected position against nature’s vagaries. Feng Shui means “Wind and Water”. Both wind and water in large amounts can be very damaging so the ancient Chinese learned that building a home high on a hilltop left it vulnerable to strong currents. Placing the home in a valley where there was a water source such as a river caused concern for flooding safety.

The just right position was determined to be at the base of the mountain, protected from the wind and yet far enough from the water to be safe. This configuration was known as the “belly of the dragon”, but any comfortable, safe site was said to have good Chi, the vital life force energy that flows through the Universe.

When your home or office is cluttered, the Chi is restricted and can't flow freely throughout the area. Since energy flows in a circular spiraling motion, it tends to slow down and get stuck in corners. It doesn't move easily around too much furniture in a small space, and it stagnates where it finds accumulated dirt, cobwebs, discarded items, junk and disorganization of any kind. In fact, clutter attracts more clutter, resulting in piles of rubble that really keep us stuck in old energy.

The word clutter comes from a former English term, meaning to coagulate or clot.

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Feng Shui Spaces

Good Feng Shui decorating begins with clearing clutter and encouraging good Chi Flow. Once good habits are established, our clean and organized spaces can free us to focus on the more important aspects of our lives - whatever that means to us personally.

Focus on adding comfort and beauty to your home, office or garden. Many people inherently know what makes them feel good and secure within their surroundings. Adding beauty can uplift your life experiences.

Be sure and visit each of the rooms and spaces below for specific Feng Shui decorating tips:

The Entrances

Feng Shui Garage

Garage and Storage Areas

Feng Shui Living Room

Living Rooms & Areas

Feng Shui Kitchen

The Kitchen

Feng Shui Bathroom

Bathrooms and the Laundry

Feng Shui Bedroom


Feng Shui Garden

Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

Feng Shui Office

Office & Workspaces

Feng Shui decorating begins with setting up your environment with physical placement of reminders of your desires. The items that you surround yourself with every day can encourage faster and more accurate manifestations of your goals.

For specific information on decorating with Feng Shui techniques, review the rooms and spaces above for how to begin your Feng Shui decorating projects.

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